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I have lived in a 325 sq ft studio apartment in a trendy neighborhood in a big city for 12 years. It has been hard. I've gone through phases of absolute doldrums. I have found the answer. Anytime I feel I'm being deprived of space, I walk to the computer and pull up Craigslist rental listings for my area. When I see the astronomical prices for a studio or anything larger in this city, I'm so thankful to have my awesome (yet small) rent-controlled space which suddenly doesn't seem like such a raw deal anymore.

How To Chase Those Living Small Blues Away
5/27/14 09:59 PM

Whenever I use a top sheet, it always just gets pushed to the bottom of the bed during the night and bunched up so I have stopped using it. Also, I agree with the person who unlocks the top sheet at hotels. So many nights I woke up with sore ankles at hotels until I realized it was the tight top sheet. Free the toes indeed! But it's true that it makes a good buffer, reduces comforter cleaning and provides a psychological need to lay under something on hot summer nights so I'm conflicted about top sheets.

What’s the Purpose of a Flat Sheet, Anyway?
1/30/14 05:06 PM

I was there a few years ago and was equally impressed. It's like a combination IKEA, Muji and Home Depot. Tokyo Hands in Japan is similar and even more vast. Best of all, at BHV you can go to the cafeteria floor and choose from an incredible array of delicious food to fill the belly after hours of shopping.

The Best Home Project Store in the World? BHV!
1/26/11 01:13 PM


Artful Interiors by Studio Ina-Matt | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/3/10 02:26 PM

In an effort to "mod" my ugly off-yellow fridge, today I covered my it with the Inhabit Wallflats in the "braille" pattern. We'll see how well they hold up on a often-used appliance in the kitchen. It's an experiment. They were indeed easy to adhere. I cut them with a Xacto knife and although it's not the cleanest cut, I think they turned out well. They are made of bamboo pulp so when you cut them, the edge "frays" and lots of little scraps of paper come off and tear and it's a bit messy, but the panels butt up to each nicely.

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6/1/07 06:10 PM