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TeoNYC- good point about them scaling the baby gates. It really depends on the breed how high it should be.

I just wanted to put out there just in case we have anyone considering an Italian Greyhound I have an IG and although they may be more dainty and small than Whippets they sure can jump REALLY high too! Although mine is only 12 lbs and doesnt go past my knee he can jump as high as my shoulders! (im 5'10"). Point being don't trust an IG with with a little baby gate either!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Preparing the Home for Puppy: 5 Essential Items
7/30/09 12:39 PM

Im with Laura, i wonder if those are just post its?

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Fair: U Collection from Umbra
1/26/09 04:44 PM

I think everyone gets those feelings...

It comes down to the old "what could have been..." - the option you dont choose will sometimes look more attractive in hindsight because you still see it in the raw, idealized, unblemished by reality form. It is something I find myself falling victim to all the time in life (not just home decor!).

Just try to remember both sides have their ups and downs!

Although I must admit, when I am split between two home decor options I feel a lot less regret if I go with the cheaper of the two. When I splurge on something I end up often being more disappointed when it falls short of my expectations. And on a similar note when something cheap exceeds my expectations i feel even better about it (obviously!).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Have You Lived With Home Decor Regrets?
1/22/09 05:20 PM

Im really interested in this question too as I wanted to refinish a laminate bookcase soon.

Marfanboy's response matches the research I have done so far on refinishing laminate surfaces. I have also heard a lot about a product called Kilz that is ideal for priming smooth surfaces, and again like Marfanboy said, apply enamel with a foam brush and several coats is ideal.

Will look into TSP too! Thanks!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Salvaging and Refinishing a Craigslist Find? Los Angeles
1/16/09 07:34 PM

I use those same leather-ish (im not sure they are real) for organizing my desk, keeps things looking a lot nicer and less cluttered.

I also have a lot of the itso storage stuff (about 8 pieces) as an entertainment center. It looks really great for the price and versatility and is a great solution for storing DVDs, media, and other livingroom junk! When I can afford something nicer I have resolved I can break it down into a few smaller storage pieces, which is great as well.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Update: Clearing The DVD Clutter
1/16/09 06:48 PM

Have you ever heard of the clock game?

Where you look at the clock and think "if I fall asleep right now I will have 8 hours of sleep... if i fall asleep right now will have 7.5 hours of sleep... and so on" I hear this is pretty common and is counter productive to falling asleep, I use to always have that problem until I read that the best way to stop it is to just remove the clock (or obstruct it from view).

Kind of weird but apparently its pretty common... made me feel like less of a freak to read about it somewhere and find others did it too, and how to stop!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! A Clock Facing Out the Window
1/16/09 06:41 PM

wow, those look quite realistic. I mean I have never seen actual human blood on a plate but it looks quite convincing. creepy

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Dexter for Dinner?
1/15/09 09:13 PM

I like your idea of making it into a table. Depending how it was done it could itself become a storage solution instead of a problem. Im thinking if you mounted it on some kind of cart or portable kitchen island piece it could create additional storage underneath for other supplies, and be portable enough to stash away against a wall when not in use.

You could make sure the cart/table finishes match the rest of your decor to better tie it into the room, but allow the top to keep its great character.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How Would You Store A Giant Paper Cutter?
1/15/09 06:50 PM

haha very funny, i can relate to a lot of those. Especially inviting people over to force myself to straighten up, although that also happens when we are both around too!

For awhile my other half was bouncing back and forth between two places and he would be gone for months then back for months etc. It always took a week or two for me to adjust to the change between single and co-habitation.

I think my biggest struggle is I work from home and have no real work hours. My job requires a lot of creativity which can't always be forced, so when I am alone I seem to be a lot more productive as I can work when I really feel inspired. But when hes back my schedule tends to start to sync with his, which doesn't always correspond to when I am feeling "inspired" to get work done.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Living Single: Share Your Pros, Cons, and Tips
1/15/09 02:46 PM

lady J read my mind, i would put up a curtain on a rod. If you did a sheer curtain and put some kind of light behind it you could have some really cool mood lighting.

It reminds me of when I visited some historical house and they had Fake doors in some of the rooms, apparently it was a common period detail to make people think your house was bigger.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Dealing With a Closed-Up Doorway?
1/15/09 02:33 PM

I found some simple metal hooks at target that I use for keys.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: What to Do With Keys?
1/13/09 07:44 PM

There have been a lot of cool posts lately about mismatched chair sets. As a last resort, why not try finding 2 more chairs that are completely different but complimentary, rather than something similar? Not sure your table configuration but I can see it working well two ways:

-split the 4 current chairs into two pair for the sides, and new compliment chairs at the two open ends (heads of the table)

-3 chairs on each side, with the old chairs on the outside and the two new complimenting chairs in the middle.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Similar Black Vienna Cafe Chairs?
1/9/09 02:27 PM

I have never put the alarm in the bathroom but I usually set it somewhere I cant reach it (bookshelf), so I have to get up and out to turn it off.

I usually turn the heat down at night (or completely off depending on the weather) so it can be really hard to get out of a nice warm bed if the apartment is cold. Keeping some warm slippers or thick socks and other warm items to throw on within reach of the bed is a must for me.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Get Out Of Bed In The MorningEven When You Got No Sleep The Night Before
1/9/09 01:41 PM

this could make a really nice collapsible desk/eating counter in a tight space as well, with maybe an extra bracket or two to take more weight/traffic.

Really cool idea.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Need More Space? Expand Your Window Sills
1/8/09 07:08 PM

Oh so they are Eames, at first look their color and arrangement made me think of those lines of chairs fixxed together on a single base that you always see at laundromats, a quick google search and I was able to find exactly what I was thinking of:

Thought it would be really cool seating solution to have an actual laundromat seating set!

Great place, I hope to see more Monika Posts, loved your DIY magazine boxes too btw.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | House Tour: Monika's Evolving Experiment
1/8/09 02:51 PM

are those laundromat chairs on the (patio? has lots of plants and looks outdoors)? I've always wanted some.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | House Tour: Monika's Evolving Experiment
1/7/09 11:23 PM

If you have luggage laying around that is always a good option, especially if it has a luggage lock!

That is if you arent already using them for other storage.

Garment bags are great to stashing clothing gifts in.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | AT On: Hiding Christmas Presents
12/12/08 04:07 PM

its hard to tell with the small picture how it would look in the whole room, but maybe take a few of the doors off for some open shelving?

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Revamping Dated Kitchen Cabinets?
12/12/08 03:39 PM

In my old apartment my bedroom was an old porch that was converted into an extra bedroom (it had a total of 12 windows covering 3 walls). It was lovely during the day to get so much natural light from all angles.

Unfortunately it was a double edged sword as at night light came in from all angles, street light, exterior building light (which lit a stairwell so it was on ALL night for safety), and lights from the parking lot.

Lets just say if I wanted to read at night all I had to do was open the shades and I was set (hey, i surely saved on my electric bill!)

The windows only had those standard cheap thin white blinds a lot of apartments have, and did not do much for blocking out the light.

I went to home depot looking for a window treatment solution and found these: 501728 10401001

This was my first apartment and I was poor, and i needed 12 window treatments, so the price was definitely right at $5 a pop. They actually are not half bad looking either if you use them with care, and come with clips so you can fasten them up.

They can also easily be trimmed to different sizes (which was a blessing for me as these windows were all different sizes) This also means you can get them to fit VERY snuggly in the recessed portion of the window. They simply stick onto the top ledge with a strong adhesive.. When time came to move I was able to pull them down easily. No tools!

Mine worked really well and blocked out almost all light when used with the blinds the apartment came with to block out the little bit around the edges (i imagine your curtain would help with this).

Good luck!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Blocking Outside Ambient Lights at Night?
12/11/08 02:13 PM

I would hope if they rescued a greyhound and made a point of letting people know its a rescue that the 'followers' would do the same, not go to a breeder...

I just rescued an Italian greyhound (basically a miniature greyhound) who is also very hypoallergenic. However not a great dog for children as they are somewhat fragile, although they dont seem to know that, plays harder than any dog I have ever had. On an 'apartment' note they are great little dogs for apartment life and had no problems litterbox training mine.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Choosing the Right Pet: A Greyhound for Obama?
12/9/08 10:38 AM