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I love the idea of making it a bar! Put removable wallpaper in the back wall within the bookcase and then style the deeper desk part with a tray with bottles of booze. You can put a stool underneath for extra seating and to make it less awkward. If you don't embrace it and dress it up it will continue to look super awkward.

How To Treat Awkward Living Room with Even More Awkward Built-in? Good Questions
4/19/13 11:07 AM

I liked Notjob's layout, but the space next to the kitchen does seem too narrow for the table. Instead, you can swap the tv and the table so the bed and couch are on one wall (next to the closet) and the tv and table are on the opposite wall. As an added bonus, you could use your bedside table as a side table for the couch (if it fits). You could easily have a folding room divider to separate the bed and couch if need be.

Ideas for My Tiny Dubai Studio? Good Questions
3/7/13 11:01 PM