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I would have such jealousy at sighting of this room! Would reminding me many times of childhood when I would look out of a window (it is second floor, yes?) down to the great barley farm where my father would arrive on a jaunting cart pulled by a Czech steed named Vaclav. I would run down to the kitchien, the smell of her cranberry strudel perfuming the air.

"Mother! Mother! Father is riding Vaclav with eine tasche filled with pelts of badger and opossum!"

"Hush now, child."

"But what will he make of them? A special dirndl dress for the cold Leipzig winter? For me?"

"No, he must bleach those pelts for me to form into a rug, white like the snow and softer than dandelion on the banks of the Parthe."

"Oh, mother! That sounds delightful!"

And that rug she made? It looked much like the one in your dream retreat. I hope it gives pleasure as much.

Mrs. Horst Leipzig

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3/7/13 09:56 PM