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Honestly, if it's not takeout, then it has to be super easy.
Usually tuna melts, fried rice (if there is any rice leftovers) Greek couscous salad, or an omlete.
If I am not too tired then I will have the energy to make pasta with a red sauce and a protein mixed with odds and ends from around the kitchen. Chili and curry is always easy to throw together. Pasta carbonara if there is left over bacon from weekend brunch.

No-Brainer: What Are Your Standby Meals?
9/14/10 10:35 AM

I was so proud of my country, but now finding out that this is post is wrong I am sad and disappointed.

One day both of our countries will be BPA free. The people just need to show our country what we want by not buying canned goods containing BPA and making a big stink.

We need to become more concerned with what we consume.

Canada Bans BPA!
Morning News

9/7/10 08:52 AM

Yummy "bannock"!
Try using it as a bun for burgers and it will be the best burger you will ever eat.

My New Downfall: Frybread
8/19/10 12:24 PM

I am trying to deal with all the zucchini that my garden has been producing over the last couple of weeks.
So far this weekend I have made a delicious chocolate zucchini sheet cake with peanut butter frosting and Zucchini fritters with creole sauce for dipping.
Tonight I am making Italian Sausage Soup with Tortellini. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Italian-Sausage-Soup-with-Tortellini/Detail.aspx
I am frezzing most of the zucchini this afternoon as I could never eat enough to keep up with the amount that's growing, even if I ate zucchini for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I am also making some beer bread right now with a can of leftover Czech beer from last night.
It's been a good cooking weekend even though the temp has been over 30C.all weekend.

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of August 14-15, 2010

8/15/10 12:58 PM

I agree with repressed.

Gypsy, Bohemian and Bohunk were all considered the same thing at one time. Why is the term boho or bohemian style considered acceptable and Gypset or Gypsy style taboo or derogatory.

It is all the same because the term bohémien was a common term for the Romani people of France, who had reached Western Europe via Bohemia.

As a person of Bohemian decent I do not find any of these terms offensive, except for Bohunk and I only find it moderately offensive.

Gypset Style: The New Trend?
7/30/10 05:38 PM

I agree with YoJess.

How to deal with noisy neighbours? Get used to it. That's the trade off of living in the city. I live in a very noisy neighbourhood and I dont notice it anymore. If it's really loud I close my windows. It's not worth the time, or emotional stress to worry about it. Instead go outside and make some noise yourself. Life is to short, go out and enjoy it.

In regards to the smoking comment. As a non-smoker I would rather have people smoking outside, than in there apartment where it wafts throughout the building and makes my apartment smell. Close your window if it's coming in from outside and bothering you. Jeez, sometimes I feel bad for smokers they just can win with people telling them don't smoke inside and now people complaining don't smoke outside.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Noisy Neighbors and Outdoor Spaces Austin
6/15/09 12:48 PM

OMG I need to make these now!
My Baba always used to makes these for me when I was young. Now my little cousin who lives with Baba and is always bragging that she had blueberry knedliky for dinner. Now I can make them whenever I like.
I love Slovak food. Keep posting these great Czechoslovakian recipe articles. They bring back great memories and are very inspiring.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Recipe: Fruit Dumplings (or Svestkove Knedliky in Czech)
3/28/09 05:49 PM

I went to the farmers market this morning and bought some locally caught pickerel cheeks and some locally grown stewing beef. Tonight I am making pan fried pickerel cheeks and risotto primavera. Tomorrow I am going to try this Beef Goulash with Dumpling recipe.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of March 21-22, 2009
3/21/09 01:37 PM

I am currently making Kapusta soup (Slovak sauerkraut soup with pork ribs cooked in the soup) for dinner tonight. I hope to make some homemade rye bread this weekend as well.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of March 7-8, 2009
3/7/09 11:35 AM

Hi rosebud, carrot risotto is really good. Here is a link for a recipe that is great especially if you need to go grocery shopping and there is not much to eat in your fridge.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Seasonal Spotlight: Carrots
1/11/09 11:25 AM

I don’t think that it is about age or status or if it’s in style or not. I think people’s choice to drink is based on personal choice, commitments and transportation.

I am in my late twenties, I have a pretty serious career and I still party with the best of them. I have friends younger and older than me, friends still in college or university, friends with children and friends with serious careers that drink more or less than me depending on circumstance.

I think their decision to drink or not to drink depends on if their families have a trend toward addiction to alcohol, what their priorities are the next day and if they have a safe ride home.

I think it’s pretentious to judge others because you do not drink, or because you do drink. It’s all about personal choice.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Drunken Dinner Parties...Out of Fashion?
12/17/08 08:02 AM

I actually bought 5 of these bottles during a trip to Minneapolis in the summer of 2007 from the Ikea beside Mall of America. They are great if you want to bring anything liquid to work because they never leak.

Apartment Therapy New York | Slom Bottle from IKEA
12/2/08 12:50 PM