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Love what you've done with your space, especially the bedroom (the color looks amazing). Like others, would have appreciated pic's of the kitchen and bath (and the other bedrooms --though I appreciate your roommates get the last word on that). Where is the little table lamp from (by the window in your bedroom)?

Josh's Collected Sensibility Small Cool Contest
6/5/14 04:57 PM

Hi Carrie,

I love the colors and the style of the items you found on sale. Thank you. However, you might want to double check your numbers. If you save $1946 from an initial price tag of $3454, you save 56% (i.e. your final cost would be less than half of the original price). It might be easier to keep track of the numbers if you round to the nearest dollar. Again, thank you for the beautiful (and reduced!) items you found.

Budget Nursery: Shopping the Sales
5/8/14 05:48 PM

Love your home--the colors, the furniture, the vibe, the lightness. Thank you for sharing. Where are the little lamps that sit on top of the oeuf bookshelf from?

Alexandra & Mike's Bright and Colorful Family Nest House Tour
10/24/13 06:15 PM

Not to be too repetitive, but I also would like to know where the credenza is from. I love the colors and the sliding doors. Oh, and congratulations on all the hard work.

Dabney's Paint & Pairings: Black, White & Bold Pops of Color Liveblogging the Style Cure
8/23/13 05:11 PM

I love the simplicity of the upgrades, the colors you chose, the solar lanterns, the plants. Everything. Well done. Would you mind sharing the source of the cute little lamp on the table of the back balcony (is it also solar)?

Before & After: My Teeny Tiny English Balcony Upgrade
5/29/13 03:41 PM

Lovely and inspirational renovation. I so appreciate the tasteful Latin American accents and colors (artwork, rugs, sofa colors) while avoiding typical tourist clich├ęs. Juan, would you mind sharing the source for the cute little lamps on the beside tables? Oh, and, like @JoseJimenez, I'm also curious to know which is your surname: Vazquez or Velazquez?

Juan's Garage Turned Modern Guest House House Tour
5/20/13 02:44 PM