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Yes your living room sofa is big for the space, but I suspect you knew that when you bought it. Likely because you wanted a comfy space for your whole family. So I think it looks great. Very inviting!

Nellene's Made Memories Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 11:09 PM

Do as I say, not as I do.

Lifestyle Lessons from History: Ben Franklin's 13 Tips for Happiness
5/21/14 08:08 PM

OMG love this so much, this is exactly what i'd want my home to look like..

Eunice's Clean & Well-Lit Place House Tour
12/25/13 08:26 PM

love the globes, the frames, the patio

Elizabeth's Color-Filled Apartment House Tour
10/25/13 12:35 PM

omg love this so very much. Wish it was mine

Greg & Rob's Sky Suite House Tour
10/24/13 07:37 PM

great apartment! love the colors and the mix and match of modern and old.

how much space do you have behind the table in the kitchen? doesn't seem like you cam even swing the fridge door open.

Mark's Delightful (and Delicious!)
West Village HomeHouse Tour

7/2/12 07:20 PM

awesome! beautiful

Michael's Yacht-Like Efficiency Small Cool Contest
4/23/12 10:16 PM

just wow

Medo's Boutique Hotel Style Small Cool Contest
4/16/12 10:20 PM

I miss going to this building every weekend. i miss NYC

Grand Central Terminal's Celestial Ceiling Color Therapy
3/28/12 08:38 PM

I lived in a 170 sq ft apt in NYC.
I had a queen bed and a IKEA sofa bed.
You can definitely do both. I suggest it

Regular, Daybed or Sofabed for Studio?
Good Questions

2/15/12 08:23 PM


Doryn's Glamorous Return to the City
House Tour

11/2/11 10:31 PM

i know my opinion means nothing but i want to share anyways.

great job! looks beautiful. as for "stealing paint chips" thats just stupid.

if you asked, explained, thats NOT stealing.

stealing is when you go and take something without anyones approval/knowledge!

The Crazy Colorful $16 Stairway Makeover
Cozy Little Cave

3/24/11 01:41 AM

id love to see the rest of my apt.

Half a Kitchen, And Other Bedrooms I Have Known
3/7/11 12:23 PM

love it!

i esp love the painting over that chair, with the cowboy boots!

Ann & Bart's Patiently Furnished Home
House Tour

3/1/11 05:09 PM

love love love the pencils.
i'm going to copy it, hopefully!

Decor Inspiration from Proto Home's Model Home
3/1/11 05:08 PM

omg when i saw the kings speech, the physicians room. OMG

i just about died. that glass ceiling, the huge fireplace. omg wow just wow

Oscars 2011: Interiors from the Best Picture Nominees
1/28/11 07:37 PM

my god those buildings are beautiful! i cant even imagine what they looked like in their hay day.

The Ruins Of Detroit: Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre
1/7/11 11:23 AM

all i can say is wow. can i move in?

Roy's South-to-North Big Switch
House Tour

8/25/10 11:17 PM

design aside, which i think is very chic by the way, i was like i hope these guys arent paying a lot for this small space. but the i saw the last pictures of the deck.

i get it.

Mike Maddie's Sweet Nothings House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
7/7/10 06:21 PM

the place just looks 1000000x time better with the new paint.

great work

Color Therapy: Tim's Stairwell Feature Wall Reader Painting Project | Apartment Therapy New York
6/23/10 02:55 PM