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You're not the only one, kiwikimmy. A couple years ago, I watched an episode of Bullsh*t (a tv show that Penn and Teller host) about recycling, and it kind of tore the industry wide open. Changed my mind about it. I don't recycle anymore (except for cans, the show explains this). I try to reduce, reuse, and limit the amount of plastic that I buy instead. I wish more people were having critical conversations about recycling and how to make it more effective.

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3/6/14 11:09 PM

Does anyone know where to go for jewelry supplies? I make necklaces for my mom using supplies from local craft stores (Jo-Ann's, Michaels, a local bead store), and the chains and/or clasps frequently break. I'm looking for more durable options that real jewelry makers use. Any ideas (online or in person)?

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2/21/14 08:33 PM

My parents planted a tree for my brother and a bush for me when we were born. They chose plants named with the same first initial as ours (i.e. Matt got a Maple and Alex got an Azalea). My Azalea bush got killed a couple of times when the snow plow kept running it over. They finally planted one in a safer place, and it's doing well now. :)

I was never hurt when it died, I barely even knew. My brother and I weren't caught up in our trees and how they were doing and what they looked like. We certainly didn't equate the plant's lives and health with our own. We just thought it was kind of neat and noticed them once in a while. Kids react the way their parents react. So if the parents get nervous about the tree thriving, then the kid will. But for us, it was just something fun and casual.

We didn't move, but I don't think I would have minded if we had. Maybe we would have planted two new ones at the new house, maybe we would have even helped to select them.

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5/21/13 12:30 PM