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That settee caught my eye because the fabric is so similar to one I was considering using to sew a dress ("Fantasy Forest" from Michael Miller's Norwegian Woods line http://www.michaelmillerfabrics.com/fantasy-forest.html), I thought it was the same at first! It's a little different but probably close enough that if anyone is feeling a little DIY I'm sure you could get the same look for way cheaper :)


Scandinavian Style Decor That Looks Expensive, But Really Isn't
7/17/14 02:06 PM

In my career, projects can easily drag on for months and by the time you've finished the end result is so far from what you'd thought up at the beginning that it barely feels like the end at all.

Crafting gives me the satisfaction of seeing something through to completion. I can sit down at my sewing machine and a few hours later I've got something tangible that I made. It makes me feel like I have something to show for my time! Not too mention it's a great creative outlet :)


Making as Meditation: Why I Craft
3/14/14 02:13 PM

I had to give up my cat, Chairman Meow, when I moved from coast to coast and from Canada to the US. It was heart breaking and I still think about him all the time.

I first tried to find him a home with someone I knew or a friend of a friend, but was working against the clock. When that failed I called all the local shelters, and was turned away from all of them. There are so many cats who need homes!

I finally found him a home through kijiji.ca. Unfortunately, I couldn't find him a home until the situation got dire and the ad basically stated that if he didn't get a home soon, he would have to be put down (though I was desperate to make sure it didn't come to that). Luckily for Chairman and I, someone contacted me who was interested in Chairman and was able to give him a nice stable home.

The hardest part of the ordeal for me was the judgement and hate that I got from people online at a time that I really needed support and help. Comments ranged from some of those I've seen here, in which people feign helpfulness by suggesting other alternatives (as if I hadn't thought of them and tried all alternatives first), to comments telling me that they could never give up their pet (as if I had ever in a million years thought that I would have to give up mine and implying that I didn't love Chairman enough since I was giving him up), to hateful responses that basically told me it was me who should be put down, not my cat (I responded to those with something along the lines of "Thank you for your interest! Please let me know if you have any suggestions that would actually help my cat.").

When I gave Chairman up, I kept up with how he was fitting in in his new home at first, but ultimately found it too painful and stopped asking for updates.

I feel your sister's pain and hope that she is able to find them a happy new home. I'm so glad that she has not developed an allergy to her puppy so that they can help each other through this. Best of luck!

Giving Up Your Pets
3/5/13 01:28 AM