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I have what looks like the same beige tile in a house I bought just a month ago. I've been puzzling over paint colors. My tile is in a bathroom and kitchen, and the kitchen has a red counter. Sound awful, but it's from the late 1940s and is still in very good condition. Hard to believe, eh?! Anyways, your post has really inspired me. I think I could do something similar. Thanks so much!

Kimberly's \"Perfect Neutrals\" Room
9/5/13 08:39 PM

One more idea: it might be fun (and a lot simpler) to put just one small picture about a foot or so above the left side of the sofa to balance the big window. It could be bright and maybe have a white frame, like the window. That's all, nothing more. And remove the little picture above the plant. This might create a whimsical balance and a touch of humor. And if you do that, keep the lamps as is because the tall and short play along with the off-balance effect that actually feels balanced!

How Can We Decorate an Awkward Wall? Good Questions
3/4/13 08:50 PM

I can see why you're having a hard time! The window and sofa are competing to be the focal point.
I like the idea of an organic, dimensional element like a tree/branch. It wouldn't compete with the window, but would complement it.
I also like the idea of a gallery that would expand beyond the sofa, making the entire wall the focal point of the room, not just the space above the sofa. Some pictures could align with the edges of the window. This would make the window part of the gallery. Some pictures could go to the right of the window—like the little picture near the plant. (But lower that little picture to align with the bottom edge of the window.)
You might also try bringing more symmetry into other parts of the room. For example, do you have matching lamps that could go on either side of the sofa, or lamps that are closer in height?
Let us know how it develops! It's a wonderful room.

How Can We Decorate an Awkward Wall? Good Questions
3/4/13 07:47 PM