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If the aforementioned safety code is not an issue--if you don't mind spending up to 3,000 USD--I would like to see a total glass door/wall enclosure like you would find in a floor-to-ceiling steam room.

This requires the sprinkler-pipes to be split and then reattached so that the pipe can be slid through cut glass.

I've had a shower door done before (http://dylangent.tumblr.com/post/6069216289/smart-upgrade-glass-shower-door-2k-the-once) for just under 2,000 USD.

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7/7/11 07:12 PM

It would be an interesting concept as one colour-- match the roofing and do it all one colour like http://dylangent.tumblr.com/post/4996572602

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5/31/11 07:42 PM

I'm with everyone else, it's definitely not wood. I too see my metal. Check out Desiron's alternative, Terra Cocktail (rust frame with clear glass top; $1,900): http://www.desiron.com/product.php?cat_id=2&s_cat_id=8&p_id=41

Desiron custom builds it's furniture...thus, if you have a size requirement, I'm sure they could match it. They are anchored in New York and now have a showroom out here in California (Los Angeles).

Good luck!

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12/1/08 02:17 PM