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As a host I always say grin and bear it, but what I don't understand is why your guests would be cleaning up their own plates to begin with?

When Mom Gets to Say I Told You So: Plus Bonus DIY Plumbing Tip!
5/31/13 12:32 PM

Made this today it's awesome! I altered it a bit by using 1 tbsp. vinegar, adding 1 tbsp. garlic paste, pecorino Romano and toasting the almonds.

Spring Salad Recipe: Asparagus Ribbons Recipes from The Kitchn
5/22/13 10:16 PM

^^^ in regards to indoor herb growing ^^^

Indoor Gardens: Bringing Nature In
3/5/13 11:40 AM

I must agree. The plant may start well in such a small container but will eventually need to be transferred to something larger. Plus with the small size you would have long wait times between harvests. All that aside perhaps something simpler like decorative grass could achieve the same euphoric results, though you may not want to eat it :)

Indoor Gardens: Bringing Nature In
3/5/13 11:37 AM

This is the greatest kitchen utensil since the knife.

My Uncool Kitchen Tool: Cheap Aluminum Garlic Press
3/3/13 09:20 PM