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My first thought was poor tree, so it would be great if you could save it. Glad to hear no one was hurt as well.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Neighbors: When A Tree Falls in Pasadena...
3/17/08 12:35 PM

What a beautiful apartment, and you've made it look so cozy and inviting. I've also recently discovered a love of matting and framing, just wish I had a quarter of your talent at hanging my art.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Cate & Dave's Cozy Home
3/15/08 02:06 AM

Just because this house Architectural Digest worthy doesn't mean that we can't draw inspiration from it. I'm taking notes and that Heath tile in the kitchen, and the furniture in the babies room just might make it in to my place someday soon.
So please stop judging and just enjoy, and if you can't do that here, then why the heck are you here?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF House Tour: Jeanice and Jason's Home-Again Home#comments#comments
3/11/08 01:49 PM

I wouldn't touch a thing in the bathroom that has the toile, the tile work in that room looks great as well. Would keep the wallpaper in the other two rooms, but maybe paint the ceiling in the orange one. Good luck with the new place.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! Vintage Bathroom Wallpaper
3/11/08 01:24 PM


Apartment Therapy New York | Jan Jump Winners: Most Likely To Be Copied
2/9/08 03:28 PM

Looks like another great product from Rowenta. My mom would love it if I won this....

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Email: Rowenta Pressure Iron & Steamer Giveaway - 1.31.08
1/31/08 08:06 AM

not sure I would use it, I would just stare at it all day :)

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Gift Bag 2007: Large Paperstone Cutting Board from Recycline
12/13/07 07:30 AM

so hungry.....

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win a Krups Panini Maker
12/13/07 07:29 AM

I know who would get it all, me!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Gift Bag 2007: Amy Butler Collection
12/13/07 07:28 AM

looks so warm and comfy!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Gift Bag 2007: Organic Cotton Fireside Throw from Gaiam
12/13/07 07:27 AM

chinatown for sure

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Bag 2007: 2 Vintage Film Posters from Posteritati
12/12/07 08:04 AM

soo cozy looking, me likey

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Bag 2007: Martha Stewart's Perfect Winter Bed
12/12/07 08:01 AM

I'd paint my apartment ipod white if I had one of these!!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Gift Bag 2007: George iPod Dock and Radio
12/10/07 05:52 PM