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I love the new decor - so fresh and cheerful. Also, I like how the blue wall color corresponds with the painting above the bed and makes sense out of the blue window trim, making it look almost intentional and not something they had to work with :) Great job!

I still wonder how Fran can reach the books from the top shelves behind those two armchairs.

Before & After: Emily Henderson Transforms a Senior's Studio Space
5/24/13 01:53 AM

Isn't it the same bathroom from The World's Ugliest Condo series that got renovated in this post: ? If yes, how come you went to all the trouble (and expence) and ripped the newly installed marble tiles just to replace them with the white subway tiles? And all this after such a short period, a mere half a year? Because it seems to me that the marble tiles were not in the original bathroom. Or did you just repaint them? I think I like this latest version the best.

Before & After: World's Ugliest Condo Bathroom
2/19/13 04:41 AM

This room is sooo Young House Love, and in a lovely way too :)

Jessica's "Clouded Sunshine" Room Room for Color Contest
10/23/12 03:22 AM

@octobersmoon - it should be written "c'est vide" (although the pronunciation is the same) and I second everything else you said in your comment!

How Not to Be a Hoarder
6/15/12 04:18 AM

The camera obscura effect happens in my bedroom when I lower the blinds (with only an inch leaving at the bottom for the light to go throuh) and then draw the curtains so there is also only an inch of space between them. So through that square inch of light, the world outside my bedroom window is projected upside down onto the bedroom walls and ceiling. While putting my 1yo son to sleep it's fun to watch blue bus passing by, or some pedestrians, or red and yellow cars parking... It's not so sharp as the pictures above, but it's still fun! In camera obscura, the smaller the hole, the sharper the image is.

Camera Obscura: The Captivating Work of Abelardo Morell
7/2/11 02:46 AM

I would like to second posters adventrising and Blandwagon in how they defined the terms. Antique = at least 100 years old
Vintage = 20-99 years old, from the era it represents
Retro = newer, but made to look like an item from the older era.

Age Defining: Antique vs. Vintage vs. Retro
10/27/10 04:12 AM

I'd go on a date with my hubby.

What Would You Do With a Couple of Hours?Survey | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/17/10 07:15 AM

And who wears a lipstick to bed? That lady looked sooo overwhelmed with where to start from in planning the new kitchen, I bet she never got round to it. Specially with such a disinterested, non-helpful, egocentric husband.

My grandparents slept in separate rooms - one was snorring.

Practical Dreamer: Designing a Kitchen in 1957 | Apartment Therapy New York
3/4/10 03:56 AM

I was afraid that in the "after" the wood would be painted turquoise. I am delighted how elegant and yet modern but classy this "after" looks!!!

Before After: A Professionally Tufted Turquoise Chair The Haystack Needle | Apartment Therapy New York
2/19/10 03:55 AM

Remove the sheepskins, scatter some aqua blue/turquoise satin pillows onto the sofa and the chairs, replace the rug with jute rug and put several elongated bluish glass vases on the left side of the fireplace shelf (maybe containing some spring flowers or not) - you get that breezy, cool, beachy, summer atmosphere.

Converting a Room from Winter to Summer? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
2/10/10 04:20 AM

When I was single, I used to make complete outfit combinations on weekends (laundry day), and thus saved myself loads of time on workday mornings (I need time for desicions...). I don't do it now that I'm married and staying at home expecting our second child, but I do it still on weekends for my daughter's outfits.

Good Habit: Prepping Outfits in Advance | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/30/10 04:01 AM

I agree with Old Gray Mare, and want to add: if you cover it with a tablecloth, it can even be used for a dining table! So it's multipurpose (saves space).

Information on My Inherited Desk? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/18/09 04:40 AM

When can we finally expect to see some White House redecorating done? Like a whole room before-and-after? It seems to me it's been sooo long since the Obamas moved in, and I'd love to see if and what changes they have made inside the House.

Apartment Therapy DC | Rumor: Simon Doonan Doing the White House Drapes?
8/21/09 07:46 AM

I like the idea with the balcony that #9 mentioned. It would make the most sense out of upper windows, and it would add to the coziness of the bottom part with the fireplace.

Apartment Therapy New York | Dressing a Wall of Windows? Good Questions
8/21/09 07:32 AM

Just paint all the moldings crisp white, and everything will fall into place instantly!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Help! My Living Room Makes Me Nauseous! Good Questions
8/11/09 06:34 AM

Certainly dusting becomes less complicated, without having to go into all the crevices...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Flickr Find: Toy Terrariums
8/4/09 04:25 AM

It has as much personality as a hotel room. Ok, luxurious hotel suite.

Apartment Therapy DC | A Missouri Senator's Serene Home Home Design
7/7/09 08:24 AM

I'd fill the balcony with several planters and grow bamboo trees in them. I'd also put a comfy recliner inside the room, just in front of the balcony doors, and enjoy the nice view onto the green "wall" of bamboo trees, which would give me both some privacy and a pleasant thing to look at, and some fresh breeze when the doors are wide open.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Use This Tiny Outdoor Space?
6/15/09 07:41 AM

In Europe, due to smaller apartments, it is quite normal to have a washing machine in the bathroom. Actually, having a separate room for just washing clothes is unusual to us, and a luxury too.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Laundry/Bathroom Combinations from Innerspec
6/3/09 03:43 AM

It would be a nice size to put near a bed.

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: New Carpet Too Small or Just Right?
5/28/09 11:32 AM