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Feel free to take a look at Michelle's small space

Even if you have a different design aesthetic, she provides some valuable tips for designing a small apartment.

Best of luck!

How Do We Make the Move? 3-Bedroom to a Small Studio Good Questions
3/5/13 03:03 PM


Do not get rid of all of your larger pieces. You could decide to upgrade to a larger space in Long Island City in a couple years. I know what all of the experts say about small spaces and using smaller pieces; however, an apartment with a lot a tiny pieces or very little furniture tends to look like a dollhouse.

In a small space, one of the most important issues is flow. Guests should know where to walk and sit. Create interesting areas- within the smal space.

Keep the large higher quality pieces. Unfortunately, if you filed those three bedrooms, you will have to downsize a little. I recently moved from a 600 sq. ft. in the Financial District to a 500 sq. ft. in 500 sq. ft. in Brooklyn. My work involves an ongoing need for a library or book storage. I make it work. You can too.

Check out the tours of small NYC/ Chicago (these tend to be tiny) spaces on Remember: You have to live in it; it is not a glossy real estate magazine. Keep it real!

How Do We Make the Move? 3-Bedroom to a Small Studio Good Questions
3/1/13 10:12 AM