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@cdica002 -- I used long screws to attach the frame to the wall. The lamps are from Home Depot. The metal shade does get hot, but the plastic base switch does not.

Craig's One-of-a-Kind Headboard Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/18/13 01:09 PM

@mgstack -- I made my overhead light w/ a Socket Extension Cord and a paper lantern.

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3/15/13 01:54 PM

@ninja_neer, @Pi, @Firuze, @emmelemm, @Jukesgrrl --

I used two 4ftx8ft pieces of pink foam insulation as the backing. I think I ended up w/ the 1.75-2in thick version.

I made a frame around the insulation using 2inx2in boards. Then I attached the framed insulation to the wall w/ screws in the corners. I rent, and wanted to minimize the damage to the unit's wall.

Next, I attached some 1inx12inx10ft pine boards to the frame. Two coats of ebony stain and I was done. Did the whole project in a weekend for around $200.


@surfjack -- I live in a 450 sq ft apartment -- nice to hear you think it looks spacious!

@Lynne M S -- The platform bed was a floor sample from Orange Skin in Chicago.

@pierrotdances -- I'll try to get some more information about it for you.

@bfergie13 -- I bang my shins on it almost every morning!

@BradG -- @meryl! is right. The fan is from Home Depot.

@fizzfizz -- I agree the art to the left isn't right. I'll try something smaller (and lower) there. Thanks for the suggestion!

@katelinni, @see, @Bmni -- The duvet cover is from West Elm.

@bellsonhopi -- The headboard has blocked around 80% of the noise I was hearing.

@KatSD, @travislessness, @meryl! - The extremely loud fan takes care of the other 20%. I turn it to face the wall during winter to keep the white noise without the extra chill. :-)

Thanks everyone else for the compliments -- glad to hear you enjoy my space as much as I do!

Craig's One-of-a-Kind Headboard Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/15/13 01:46 PM