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Ha ha! Love that unwatchable tv! LOL.
Some rooms a can't see what actually changed ( hmm, maybe a clean up and then duck out for a free $300 slap up meal / massage and hair cut : probably better choices for depressed people who have lost their jobs!).

I agree that those white Moroccan inspired (? has the designer been there ever LOL) blobs are depression inspiring.
But hey overall, doesn't this say you CAN make your place fresh without rushing out and spending a fortune and that a little change can help set you in the right direction. Overall a bloody good excercise! Bravo

Apartment Therapy New York | $300 Designer Makeovers The New York Times 3.12.09
3/18/09 06:31 PM

Oooooh! This is such a lovely home, with emphasis on the word "home". Elegant, quirky, NOT shiny, unique and peaceful looking. I just adore your home. Thank you so much for sharing it!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | House Tour: Chris Stephanie's Hip Lower Haight Home San Francisco
12/31/08 05:12 PM

Fresh, serene, cooling, peaceful, restful....I hope the sea is nearby, it would be your finishing touch!
Just lovely, I feel like I need a holiday now.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | House Tour: Bridget's Sacramento Cottage San Francisco
12/12/08 09:52 PM

I am impressed with the owners honesty. A display that shows how the house is lived in, thus showing it as a home.
Well done for not running around lining up every novel and magazines' spine!

It is clear you have a style that is simple, with clean lines and one that reflects a young family that decorates to their own needs, not ones imposed by "fashion" decorators!
Lovely home.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Lucinda and Nicholas' Transformed Tenement New York
12/10/08 06:34 PM

This house is so calming and peaceful looking. I just love it!
Interesting and intelligent looking touches without looking pretentious.

My house feels inadequate now! LOL
Enjoy your living!

Apartment Therapy Boston | House Tour: S and S's Live/Work Bungalow
12/10/08 06:21 PM

PS those beds look like paupers coffins! Not very snuggly for little snuggly people....

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | New York Social Diary: Lisa Mahar Home
11/29/08 04:10 AM

Wow, this woman is something else! So much ego, vanity and no idea!

Clearly she can't manage and is daunted by children, she is insecure given her focus on control. She is NOT the answer to anyone's dream. I hope at some stage she has a light bulb moment and starts to put the same effort parenting ie loving with tenderness, as she does in putting on a show for the world and making her house look so "casual and nonchalant"(did you see that picture of the damaged child!).
It would appear that she can afford to make choices and she CHOOSES not to be with her kids....

I don't think this mum is very honest really? That yellow story, a two year old giving that rationale without prompting?
Darwin? My husband makes up stories for the kids with them as the stars, my eldest LOVED encyclopedia type books, but he certainly didn't "get" Darwin!

I wonder if these kids get christmas?
I hope none of them want to be bus drivers or mechanics!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | New York Social Diary: Lisa Mahar Home
11/29/08 04:09 AM