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the graffiti on that wall is an awesome design element, especially in that loft. I would not cover that up. instead, use 2 spring tension rods, one for each window, and it shouldn't be too hard to find curtains that fit within the boundary of the window trim & ledge.

How To Hang Curtains from Loft Window Frame? Good Questions
6/26/14 08:34 PM

wherever you live in america, millions of natives were here first. there's a history of massacres right outside your front door somewhere, a history of heart-rending sadness as families and communities were violently uprooted and torn apart. injustices and broken treaties; it all sounds so cliche, doesn't it?

Get Out & Explore! What is Your City's History? Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
6/21/14 12:38 PM

and the little green buddha needs to be in the kitchen with the lotus lights and the green painting.

Katie's Charming Venice Beach Bungalow House Tour
6/14/14 01:53 PM

love the bungalow, love the location!
can you get rid of the wall heater? there are some great options out there, the simplest being I've used similar during Minnesota winters and they're pretty awesome, safe, reliable.
and this: I don't know anything about this kind of heater, but the reviews are pretty good :)

Katie's Charming Venice Beach Bungalow House Tour
6/14/14 01:47 PM

may be my favorite :) thanks for sharing!

Emily and Kai's Thoughtful and Stunning Abode House Tour
4/21/14 07:12 PM

i look at the stuff in magazines & blogs for inspiration, not with the intention of purchasing exactly what i see

take responsibility for where you are, and don't blame or scorn someone else for where they are
and then kiss yo'self! you probably need it.

Reverse Dot Belle Indigo Quilt
4/16/14 12:26 PM


How To Paint a Family Heirloom: Danish Empire Style Chest Apartment Therapy Tutorials
4/1/14 11:43 PM

i like it! giving this area some pizzazz for the benefit of your renter, mostly, just shows you have heart! design is important, and you made this easily neglected area feel sweet and welcoming.

Before & After: Back Steps Become a Stairway of Heaven
4/1/14 11:35 PM

just looked at your website, now envious! and wishing i could walk down the street to wander through your store. very awesome what you're doing with the beautiful old furniture, i love your transformations.

Before & After: A Beat-up Bathroom Cabinet is Saved From the Trash
3/16/14 08:42 PM

in 20 years, will this chair show up in a 'before-after' AT post, or a diy?
make that the april fools post!

Tantra Sex Chair
2/28/14 10:03 PM

isn't this world big enough that we can all follow our whims without fearing that someone is gonna get all up in our bizness because we're going against their idea of normal? besides, nothing is permanent, especially books on a shelf--go play! have fun! celebrate book organizing diversity!

Really, It's Ok to Arrange Books By Color Slate
2/13/14 12:11 PM

if you love the pulls, paint the pulls!! they'd look great in another color, white? and if they were slightly raised above the midline of the drawer...

Before & After: Shannon's Simple Yet Delightful Desk Makeover
2/1/14 12:38 PM

i love so many things in your shop/studio <3 thanks for the descriptions in the tour, i appreciated very much :)

Kneeland Co. Textile Studio + Mercado Creative Workspace Tour
1/29/14 06:52 PM

yes i love that shelf, too!
tell us where that shelf came from!
(somewhere in france, i suppose)

A Healthy New Year's Resolution: How Flowers Help With Health & Happiness The Gardenist
1/8/14 12:00 PM

put some pants on the mailman in the corner :O !!!

Lorenzo Diggins + The Essential Man Showroom Creative Workspace Tour
12/14/13 02:26 PM

sideboard behind the couch, couch facing windows
head of bed along window wall, in the corner
schrank in corner where bed was, so the foot of the bed faces the schrank
or just put the schrank against the wall opposite the door, facing door
bed where the sideboard is, if it fits with the head on the window wall,
or with the head on wall opposite the door, then
round table might fit between the schrank & the bed

Is Combining Bedroom and Living Room Impossible? Good Questions
11/29/13 02:18 PM

yeehaw! open a window and air it out a little--like my friend's mom used to say,'go outside, it'll blow the stink off ya!' indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air, thanks to smelly candles, offgassing et al, no matter the cost of what we bring through the door.
all these undies in bundles, xD!
and fierymermaid, it's interesting to note that people boast about what they don't have, too, and that poverty doesn't guarantee manners, class, or useful gadgetry, either.

Figue 15 Candle
11/5/13 01:53 PM

xD love it fookin' awesome!
... ... ...
can i say that on apttherapy?

Philip and Olivia's All the Fun of the Fair House House Tour
10/13/13 10:02 PM

i like c in westchester's suggestion! plus there are pictures ;D!! and you can take pics of your cats in their new accoutrements!! everybody wins!

Can You Turn a Loop Rug into a Tufted Rug? Good Questions
10/9/13 10:56 PM

i love enamel anything everything! more more more!

Colorful Enamel Plates by Stefania Di Petrillo
9/15/13 11:18 AM