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yes need them right here

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12/3/09 01:40 PM

great design

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4/17/09 01:19 PM

sony xbr all the way ...

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4/17/09 01:17 PM

just a re-post ... (I just can't get over the price) delta makes a very nice two bike or one bike and two hook ... ect stand that leans against the wall ... it takes up very little space and will accommodate mixte (feminine) frames as well. http://www.deltacycle.com/product.php?g=52 and retails for 79.99 - 84.99 ... no holes required =).

also... I currently have 5 bikes in my apartment and use this rack in conjunction with two sets of ceiling hooks which i added some custom bent aluminum arms to hoist two of the other 3 on premise.

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11/30/08 02:04 AM

That is way overpriced for a wall stand ... let alone a plastic bucket. The design is however genius ... but for 135 ... you can buy many better solutions. or two for one ect.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Neat Bike Storage Solution! Austin
11/28/08 11:44 AM

Love the desk ... this setup kinda makes sense when drinking loads of coffee while editing web stuff all night.

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11/26/08 11:47 PM

Actually the Minority Report has come to fruition ... checkout http://oblong.com/ ... prepare yourself =)


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11/26/08 11:38 PM