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They look great! I believe they are Huber chairs, made by a Canadian manufacturer in the 60s. They are so comfortable, I'm hoping to find my own for a good price one of these days. I think your reupholstery price was good, I once saw a reupholstered single chair and ottoman for sale in Ontario for $850. I just wish I had lived nearer so I could have bought them!

Before & After: The Fate of Sheryl's Vintage Chairs Good Questions Revisited
4/9/14 05:58 PM

Agreed with others, until Pinterest adds a bulk editing tool my boards are going to be somewhat random. It is too time consuming to click every single pin you have added to a board and reassign it. They need a bulk edit and delete tool.

One thing I do find interesting with Pinterest is how much my tastes have changed even in the short time I have been on there. I look back at some items I pinned just over half a year ago and am not sure what appealed to me about them. It's a visual tracker of interests, and how fleeting they can be, that's for sure.

Pins Piling Up? 5 Ways to Keep Your Pinterest Clean & Functional
1/10/13 02:55 PM

I don't know if I believe in Craigslist karma, but I have only had good experiences as both a buyer and seller. Selling always concerns me the most, especially if it's an item I have to sell from home. But so far everyone has been normal and has paid what we agreed before they showed up.

I did have one interesting resell experience. I sold a rip off of the Anthropologie High Wire table that I had originally bought at Homesense (Homegoods). It took months for anyone to show interest. A couple of months later I saw the table I had sold listed as a "Pottery Barn" item for twice what I sold it for, and more than I had paid new! I don't know if the guy got what he asked for it, but considering I had to drop the price about 4 times before I sold it to him, I doubt it.

So yeah, lesson from that is don't just take brand names at face value. Always check to see if the store in question actually ever sold anything that looks like what's for sale!

Do You Believe in Craigslist Karma?
12/17/12 04:25 PM

This is my neighbourhood, I love the market, both north and south side!

The south side market in the basement is best for a vegetarian like me and has some amazing organic produce vendors (wider variety than any larger grocery store), a fantastic bulk foods store that has just about everything you could want, a vendor dedicated to every type of rice that exists and hand made tofu that is tender and so much better than the overly processed brands. Cruda, the raw foods cafe, is also worth a visit if that's your thing.

If a recipe calls for some sort of obscure or hard to find ingredient, you can probably find it at the market. The kitchen gadgets store on the main level is my go to when I need some sort of specialist item. The peameal bacon sandwich at Carousel Bakery is famous and used to be a favourite while the Eggplant Parmesan sandwich at Mustachio in the basement is my current go to.

The north market has organic meats, in season produce (not much organic, but you can ask the vendor about their pesticide use) and amazing home baked goods. Oh and the baked samosas you can get there are incredible.

The antique market is largely junky, but occasionally there's a great piece usually at good prices. Most of the art in my place has come from there. And you can bring your dog with you on a Sunday only.

St. Lawrence Market in Toronto Well-Designed Travel
6/12/12 01:45 PM

Agreed! Love this and would love to see something similar for a wide variety of stores. I sometimes find Etsy a maze to browse through, so always appreciate articles that highlight items and sellers I might not find on my own.

The Etsy Challenge: Anthropologie Looks for Less
5/8/12 03:43 PM

I'm on the 12th floor of a condo (with elevator) and agree if you can get it that direct access to the outdoors is ideal. However, my mini poodle and I manage just fine going up and down in the elevator, especially now that he's older and doesn't need to go out as often. Puppy training was tough and resulted in lots of accidents.

The key for us is lots of walks and runs in the dog parks, some time at my parents' house where he can charge around their backyard and taking dog classes when we can (currently we're doing agility). He's a happy boy and is very downtown savvy!

Keep Your Pets Happy Without a Yard Renters Solutions
3/16/12 03:46 PM

A couple of good blogs that are mostly whole food based are:

Help Me Find Good Vegan Recipes That Don't Rely on Meat Substitutes
Good Questions

3/6/12 11:13 AM

Within my group of friends (early 30 somethings), we leave VM if we're calling for a purpose. If we're just calling to chat, appearing on the caller id is enough, if the other person wants to call back, they will. I guess we have trained ourselves to do this because half the time the other person just calls back without listening to the VM, so why waste breath.

My mom almost always leaves a VM, and so do acquaintances and people I have appointments with. I think VM still has a place, but I agree that if you know the person you are calling and know their VM habits, it's totally fine to not leave a message (and in fact preferable).

When Not to Leave a Voicemail
2/14/12 01:10 PM

We bought the Playbook at work when it went on super discount, but it lives with me. I find it convenient to reach for it in the morning for a quick email check and reading the headlines. And it's very convenient when I am staying at my parents' or elsewhere to just grab that rather than my laptop.

But at home, I use my Macbook Pro the vast majority of the time. I just don't like the touchscreen key pad as much, and really there's nothing the tablet can do that my laptop can't. It's a nice toy for me, but so far, really nothing more than that.

Reader Survey: How Often Do You Use Your iPad?
2/13/12 02:48 PM

Oh so great to see this! I have been planning to do something just like this to hide my DVD player and now I can follow a tutorial.

Hide Your Printer in a Dresser Drawer
PB&J Stories

2/8/12 11:42 AM

The LG fridge might be perfect for your mom, as it has a small footprint and top fridge/ bottom freezer. My grandfather has a similar fridge (as do I!) and he finds it keeps his most used items like milk, eggs and bread up high. We have also supplied him with a stool in the kitchen so that he can do washing up, chopping etc sitting down. I also like the suggestions above for either a remodel or add via butchers block for more chopping space.

How To Modernize Senior Housing Kitchen?
Good Questions

2/6/12 05:34 PM

Like many others, I really have no space for boxes. I keep them long enough to make sure the item works/ I want to keep it, and then those boxes go into recycling. I have never needed a box again, so it works for me!

How Long Should You Keep Electronics and Appliance Packaging?
1/10/12 02:56 PM

Overall the changes look good, although will take some getting used to. I like the idea of categories for when I am looking for something specific, but am disappointed that the main page won't include everything (or almost everything). Sometimes I don't know what will interest me and want to look at everything that is available, it would be great if that could somehow be an option. I took a browse through some of the categories and most of it seemed to be on the main page, so I'm not sure how to locate the actual new information that is there.

Welcome to Apartment Therapy 3.0!
1/9/12 03:12 PM

It's been mentioned a number of times, but I also have the LG fridge and have been really happy with it (almost 4 years now and going strong). I think it probably is too small for your needs, but for anyone else who needs a fridge for a compact kitchen (with 1 or 2 people in the home), definitely consider the LG counter depth!

Affordable, Compact Refrigerator Sources?
Good Questions

11/16/11 04:43 PM

Another (Toronto based) Canadian here. I automatically take my shoes off when I visit friends, and they do the same for me. It's very rare for me to visit someone who encourages me to leave my shoes on. Half the year it's so slushy and gross out you would have to be crazy to let people walk around in your house with their outdoor shoes on!

Having said all that, when I lived in London (England) shoes stay on, and they would all find it weird when I would be trying to take my shoes off at the door. So it does seem to be culturally specific. I actually don't like wearing shoes in someone's house, it feels wrong to me just because of where and how I grew up.

Etiquette at Home: Solutions to The Great Shoe Debate
10/20/11 05:40 PM

I live right down in a condo with my Miniature Poodle. All the dogs in the parks near me live in condos, and I see a wide mix of breeds, so I would say any breed from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane can live in a condo.

So as has already been said, start with what works for you and your lifestyle. If you like couch potatoing and don't want to go out for walks, then a Jack Russel or Border Collie for example are not for you. If you are active and outdoorsy, then you probably won't suit some of the lazier breeds.

I have found the Poodle works great in a condo, but does need a fair amount of exercise. They are great for allergies, both my mom and good friend have very bad dog allergies even to some of the so called hypo allergenic breeds, but both are absolutely fine with my dog.

Best Dogs for Apartment Living?
9/29/11 12:11 PM

I was just looking at task lights last night. For any Canadians out there, Indigo has some great ones.

Wood reading lamp:

White/ Red/ Black reading lamp:

Under $100: 5 Great-Looking Task Lights
8/10/11 12:20 PM

My building has had quite a few middle of the night fire alarms (thankfully no actual fires yet). I grab my purse, my dog and my keys. If I could smell smoke or actually see flames, I would be grabbing my dog and that's it! Everything else is replaceable.

What Would You Save If Your House Was On Fire?
The Burning House

7/28/11 04:46 PM

My biggest furniture purchase was earlier this year, my new bed frame and mattress. I'm 30. Everything else in my place is either Craigslist, Ikea or Homesense (Canadian HomeGoods).

I had planned for my first big purchase to be my sofa a few years ago, but then when I stumbled across the exact sofa I wanted (Mitchell Gold Alex) on CL for $200, that went out the window.

How Old Were You? First Large Furniture Purchase?
6/27/11 04:32 PM

I paid full price for most of my kitchen renovation components, although the sales people always try to make it feel like you're getting a deal. The only furniture item I have paid full price for is my latex mattress. Worth every penny so far!

Biggest Indulgences: What Did You Pay Full Price For?
5/24/11 03:06 PM