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Ugh! So frustrated with this product! First, it is very expensive. Second, it is basically glorified shelf paper- cheap, glossy feel and cheaply printed. I got the damask pattern and it is almost blurry looking, not sharp at all. Finally got my husband to try to hang it, and it bubbles like crazy and sticks so firmly (just like contact paper!) that you can't easily re-position like you can with regular wallpaper. The worst part? When we finally decided that it just wasn't going to work for us and went to get regular wallpaper, we went to pull it off the wall and it ripped off a chunk of paint from the wall about 1 foot-square all the way down to the fiberboard!!! Now we are out $70 and have a damaged wall- exactly what we, as renters, were looking to avoid.

Product Review: Tempaper Temporary Wallpaper
2/22/13 07:17 PM