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Beautiful room, but I think the side table and standing lamp will need to go before the baby starts trying to pull up.

Lucca's Stylish Grey & White Nursery My Room
6/3/14 09:00 AM

I am sorry to make a grammar call, but taking "years off a sofa's life" is not something one would normally wish to do. I believe the author meant to indicate that removing a sofa's skirt could take years off a sofa's age.

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3/17/14 12:30 PM

It is my understanding that putting a mirror on a wall adjacent to a window to maximize light would have the mirror at right angles to the window. For example: in the first photo, imagine if there were a mirror placed where the large art is above the sofa. The pictured placement of the mirror may maximize the apparent size of the room but it does little to reflect the natural light.

5 Ways To Maximize Existing Natural Light in Your Home Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/6/14 04:50 PM

It's uber cute, but that first fixture looks like an accident waiting to happen!

10 Pendant Lights for Kids Spaces
2/6/14 09:47 AM

Can you legimately complain that a house is bland when it is (I assume) unoccupied?

This place had me making the same sound Amy Farrah Fowler made when she met Penny's ex, Zack!

The best part of this project (other than the location and those fabulous pineapple lights above the island) is that the look could be translated to a home that would go (in my part of the world) for 10% of this one's price.

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1/31/14 01:55 PM

I believe the word "smyckeshangare" (top row #1) translates as "You'll put your eye out!"

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1/2/14 01:57 PM