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My husband recently discovered the aeropress and now we are obsessed with it. The coffee is amazing.

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11/28/13 03:20 AM

I have travertine floors. I love them because they are so easy to keep clean, and even spilled coffee blends in to the motif! So if I'm terribly busy one week, my floors aren't screaming out to be cleaned. I also use a dyson which makes the upkeep even easier.

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11/7/12 12:44 AM

What Asian Hot Pot? You could have a Hot Pot on each table and a buffet of all types of items for it. It is different, interactive and people more or less make their own food.
Another thought is getting honey ham from costco and making sides. Costco also carries disposable chaffing containers. What about contacting a food truck? They may be willing to do it and cut you a break if they get some exposure such as simply mentioning their name and thanking them for catering.
Are they set on dinner? What about a brunch?
Also, if you are looking for inexpensive wine, Whole Foods carries a line of wine that is $3 a bottle. It's not bad.

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8/7/12 10:12 PM

I keep mine in a ziplock bag right next to the appliance. It keeps me from getting cut and I can always find the blade when I'm ready to use it.

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12/30/09 10:14 PM

Carlos purchased a Nuwave recently. I wasn't excited about having another large item on the counter, but it works well, it's quick, and it is super-easy to clean. Also, a plus here in Florida is that it doesn't heat up the kitchen. I was quite skeptical at first, but we've enjoyed it.

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