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Great idea! Love the way you put the new top on it. Beautiful!

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2/2/14 01:10 PM

Love! It's beautiful! Love the wood tones and grey color combo. Don't change a thing.

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1/24/14 02:19 PM

I think this looks great! It's fresh and fun and looks cared for but it totally still belongs in a vintage 60's house. Well done! So many people do the total renovation and end up with an expensive "Home Depot" looking kitchen that doesn't go with the rest of the old house. And looks even more dated 5 years later. Be proud and enjoy your kitchen!

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1/20/14 06:55 PM

I agree 100%. And I find trying to watch a TV that's that high up is miserable. It's like being in an airport to a sports bar. Plus a TV over the fireplace is just ugly.

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1/15/14 04:43 PM

I think it's beautiful. And disagree with everyone that says the open concept was a mistake. Nothing worse than trying to cook with people looking over your shoulder. I'd rather have them comfortably sitting at the table and chatting with me. If you need "formal" this probably isn't the house for you. Grew up in a house with a formal dining room, it was the most wasted room of the house. Only used it on Thanksgiving. And only on the off year we had Thanksgiving at home.

Before & After: Kim's Bright and White Kitchen Update
1/5/14 08:54 PM

Thank you for showing options! I've used Le Creuset at friends houses. Awesome. I have a couple Cuisinart dutch ovens I bought for a good price. Just as awesome. Get one in your price range. They rock!

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1/2/14 10:13 PM

Beautiful! Here I am with my sad knives chopping up cabbage, brussel's sprouts, carrots and onions to ferment into sauerkraut. Oh, those knives would make my kitchen adventures so much more fun!

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12/18/13 06:42 PM

In a healthy food cooking class I took the instructor said "don't oil your butcher block with something you wouldn't eat". Makes sense to me. I like the coconut oil idea. Going to try it on my Boos Blocks prep table.

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11/20/13 05:53 PM

Started out with a 3 qt cuisinart and had such a good experience also bought a 5 qt. LOVE both. Perfect for a single guy. I'm done with toxic non-stick forever.

5 Big & Beautiful Dutch Ovens: Plus 10 Recipes to Show Them Off Dutch Ovens 2013
11/13/13 06:48 PM

I've been transitioning away from non stick cookware and am loving using enamel coated dutch ovens. I have a 3 qt. and a 5 qt. Both Cuisinart brand that I got at Marshall's for about 1/2 the price of what I've seen online. Really versatile and work great. I also have switched to a stainless fry pan. All are easy enough to clean. A little soaking works great.

I know there are a gazillion stories out there on how to use non stick "safely", but really, why prepare food on something that's been coated with poison? Why?!!!

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10/27/13 02:55 PM

I love a good slow cooker BUT since I discovered cooking with a dutch oven I hardly use mine anymore. A dutch oven makes a great slow cooker in the oven set to 200 and is a lot more versatile. My gas oven (I'm a renter so it's not high end) shuts itself off after 12 hours so I don't stress too much about forgetting there's something slow cooking in there.

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10/24/13 04:47 PM

I love spaghetti squash and have become a huge fan of BAKING IT WHOLE! It's easier, it turns out perfectly, and it steams itself and never dries out. The best part is that it comes out of the oven nice and soft and very easy to cut. Just pierce it a few times first so it doesn't burst.

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9/28/13 01:21 PM

Wow, this site just lost everything I like about it.

Nothing wrong, and everything right, about washing a fork instead of throwing it away.

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8/9/13 08:31 PM