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Your local nursery should have them. Or Ikea for that matter, which is where I found mind. $14.99

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
4/4/14 08:36 AM

I clearly do not know how to post links!

Soft & Subtle: 8 Natural, Neutral, Patterned Rugs With Personality
3/29/14 05:03 PM

They are from WestElm!</a href>

Soft & Subtle: 8 Natural, Neutral, Patterned Rugs With Personality
3/29/14 05:02 PM

Cute! I have an old dining set with these chairs as my 'in-between' but I have a hard time imagining them looking anything but.. well.. what they look like! This gives me a bit of hope for the chairs anyway. I think the table is a lost cause.

Also, am I the only person who finds them comfortable? I use one as my desk chair and find it helps me keep posture while studying.

A New Look for an Old Windsor Chair
3/13/14 12:13 PM

It's a Fiddle Leaf Fig and weirdly enough Ikea is selling them right now; I picked one up last week after falling in love with them on AT too!

A Happy, Plant-Filled San Francisco Kitchen Kitchen Spotlight
12/4/13 09:43 AM

I found switching to a coffee creamer version of soy milk was the best solution and it was much creamier and had less metallic mouth feel which is something I get when I add just soy or almond milk to the coffee.

As someone posted above, Silk makes a coffee creamer and I think they even come in flavours now though I prefer the original. There are also the coconut milk versions now as well and none of them will have that curdling action.

I would love to switch to more of a whole food (the ingredient list is terrible) but have yet to find anything that makes my coffee hit that yum spot - definitely not a black coffee drinker here!

How Can I Prevent Soy Milk from Curdling in My Coffee? Good Questions
9/13/13 10:01 AM

I'm near Vancouver BC so I have a pretty good selection of farmer's markets each week and I can usually hit 2-3 good ones depending on my work schedule. Occasionally the produce might be a buck more expensive than my regular produce shop (which is cheaper than the grocery stores to begin with) but the quality is usually higher and selection better.

Sometimes I just look for fun items to supplement what I already have or stock up on whatever is bountiful and in season. Non-produce-wise; local honey is a must for us and meat for the omnivore of the house. Also, we usually cant get away without a treat from a pastry tent and I'm a sucker for flowers which are always cheaper and more beautiful from the markets.

I know BC has had a surge in people going out to support their local farmer's this year and thus our markets are thriving and have grown a lot in the last few years. Ultimately, it's a lovely way to combine shopping local, supporting our community and having a fun hour out so I think we're lucky to have the opportunity to buy from local farmers. Especially as condo dwellers where the strata has banned balcony food gardens.

How Often Do You Actually Shop at the Farmers Market? Reader Survey
7/13/13 10:38 AM

Kale chips. We can go through 3-4 bunches of kale in a week for a two person household this way. lol

What Are Your Favorite Recipes with Kale? Good Questions
7/10/13 09:45 AM

My question is - was the mirror glued onto the wall and if so, how did you remove it? We've got a new vanity ready to go in while we're contemplating our plan of attack to get that sucker out of there!

Before & After: World's Ugliest Condo Bathroom
2/18/13 02:11 PM