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Have saved for years and just bought a tempur pedic allura "sleep system". Although the salesman told me that there might be a slight odor, I was flummoxed to discover how cloying and deep the smell actually was. It has been almost a week and there is still a significant odor that permeates thru the sheets, blankets, etc. I have opened the windows at 32 degrees and run a ceiling fan, but it is really hard to sleep and often I wake up coughing.
The mattress is also significantly harder than the wonderful one I laid on in the store. I stopped by Sleepys and asked the salesman if this odor would end and the mattress would get softer. He assured me both the smell would dissipate and the mattress would get more comfortable. I also called customer service at the Tempurpedic home office. The person told me to put an ozone machine or an air purifier in there as well - cha ching...too expensive - So everyday I strip the bed, tromp around on it with my Uggs on (to break up the cells, thus releasing the chemical off gasses) turn on the fan and open the windows. So far I am keeping the faith but stay tuned.

Apartment Therapy New York | Tempur-Pedic Mattresses
11/24/08 01:26 PM