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A friend of mine bought a rug at Pottery Barn several years ago that had a bad smell after purchase and later found out that PB was replacing the rugs. Apparently some glue had been used in it, the smell of which never went away.

How To Remove New Rug Smell | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/23/10 12:31 PM

From the picture it's hard to know what the ceiling looks like, but lately in order to free up valuable floor space I've been buying cord kits from World Market http://www.worldmarket.com/home-decor/lamps/lanterns-pendants/Silver-Electrical-Cord-Kit/lev/4/productId/1710/Ne/1100001/sectionId/2867/N/1100211/categoryId/1100211/pCategoryId/1100083/gpCategoryId/1100065/Ns/TOP_SELLER_INDEX%7C1%7C%7CCATEGORY_SEQ_3065%7C0/index.pro
and hanging cool lamp shades that I had from Flea Markets. You could put a small table under the light. The lighting it puts out is both up and down so it still has a soft effect. It's an inexpensive way of creating something like this http://www.cb2.com/family.aspx?c=120&f=4773

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: New Floor Lamp for this Space?
4/27/09 04:25 PM

I found 'em here http://www.brassbinnacle.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=FEN1

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Find This Nautical Ottoman?
10/10/08 09:49 AM

I laid my girl on a giant sponge made by Munchkin in the kitchen sink. That was the easiest because the when she was really little, she would slide down to the bottom of the plastic tub. On the sponge she could lay flat.
It cost less than $10 at Target, which was also a plus.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Survey: Bathing your Baby
3/17/08 12:46 PM

Here's another one to throw on the pile.


Apartment Therapy New York | Liesl's Cure: The Fridge Saga - #2#comments#comments
2/26/08 09:10 AM

The kitchen sink was the easiest. Before she could sit up I used the giant baby shaped sponge pictured here http://www.bergstroms.com/bergstroms/product.asp?s_id=0&dept_id=4388&pf_id=PABEIAFFKNCBMPMI&prod_name=Muchkin %2D Bath Sponge 5 bucks at Target

Apartment Therapy - WashPOD Bath Tub
11/6/07 11:49 AM

We have stairs in the entryway to our apartment. This would be perfect for the stuff that piles up on them.

Apartment Therapy - Rattan Step Basket
9/24/07 09:28 AM

Yeah, too cool!

Apartment Therapy - Rachel's Tree Mural
9/14/07 12:29 PM

Funny though, now that I've had a good look at them, it seems that the one on the bottom is California Poppies. I actually have a tattoo of a CA poppy and I still don't want one of these.

Apartment Therapy - Hot or Not?
9/7/07 09:25 PM

At first, I thought it was something that could be applied like a decal, but if it's permanent, that's too much of a commitment.

Apartment Therapy - Hot or Not?
9/7/07 09:23 PM

Great concept. Ridiculous price.
I didn't spend that much on my own dining set.

How do you to react when your child scribbles on this thing with crayons and markers?

Apartment Therapy - Nurseryworks Playdate Table & Stools
9/4/07 09:36 AM

Am I the only one that thinks $500 dollars for a stroller is too much?

Apartment Therapy - Bugaboo Bee Promo Video
8/24/07 03:17 PM

My little girl would never go for room temp; however, I found a wide mouth thermos at Target that the bottle would fit into. I filled it half way with hot water and then put the bottle in the thermos to warm when needed.

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8/24/07 03:11 PM


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8/22/07 10:12 AM

I registered. Friends and family were always asking what I needed so it was great to point them to my registery. Of course, I got lovely things that I didn't register for and "must have" items that I didn't know about from other parents. But having the registery was great.

Survey: Did You Register?
5/17/07 08:30 AM

The Mammut child's stool from Ikea might be a fun option and it's only 7 bucks.

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5/11/07 10:19 AM