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Ah, I have this same problem now! No centipedes, but I am freezing and can hear the draft coming through the brick wall. I have to turn up the heat a few degrees to compensate for the room that has the exposed brick, the other insulated/drywalled rooms have no problem. I have heard of sealants, but none of them can make up for the crumbling mortar and that bricks are porous/non-insulating material. I was just thinking this week how I want to put bubble wrap over the whole wall just for the winter, ha!

Exposed Brick Walls: Good or Bad?
12/15/10 12:00 AM

Could I ask what building this is in?! I'm looking at Los Angeles for a move, and everyone keeps suggesting Long Beach! Love what you've done with the place, modern but cozy and no trinkets!

Kara & Ken's Modern Condo in the Sky
House Tour

11/3/10 10:19 PM

Are the Eames DCW's vintage? I'm looking to get a LCW, and have been looking for that color/finish. . but it doesn't seem to exist in the new reproductions. Or is it new, and it's the ash veneer maybe?

Michelle's Pipe Factory Condo House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/31/10 10:35 AM

Better I guess, but still not a cohesive look.

Before After: A Reorganized Dining Room | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/28/10 12:39 PM

Oh dear god, put the paintbrush down. Red Orange Yellow?! I see a migraine coming.

Jenn Ski's Not So Unhappy Hipster Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/19/10 09:59 PM

I think that personal objects are fine, and that a bare look is not the best for a lived-in feel, but take some care in selecting meaningful and tasteful objects. All this ironic, kitsch, cute, over-done stuff looks like what is . . Tacky in an otherwise classic home.

Instead of 10 $5 Etsy/Flea Market trinkets, take the $50 and go to a local ceramic studio, talk with the artist, and get a piece that speaks to you. And don't surround it with junk.

Jenn Ski's Not So Unhappy Hipster Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/19/10 12:33 PM

Love the house, not the decor. Too much stuff, and it does looks so hipster. It's too "cute", kitschy, ironic (PUSH door, etc). All those items on the walls, surfaces, etc break up the open flow of the house and make it look like someone spends too much time on Etsy and can't say no to a thrift "find". I hate how a lot of MCM-ers miss the fact that it was the minimal, understated look that brought it to popularity. Agree that some of the furniture is dull, dining set, buffet in the hall, some of the chairs. A house like this begs for the classics. Not a fan of the artwork in the house, either. It all has that craft project look, which is why I guess I like the prints of her work better than the originals. I think the living room is going in the right direction. Outdoor looks nice, but the patio furniture does not fit at all. At least the bones of the house were left, and bad paint colors (and there were a few) can be changed, so that the next owner can do the house up with a bit more class.

Jenn Ski's Not So Unhappy Hipster Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/19/10 12:37 AM

Yeah, nice idea and concept. But $800 for the chair? You can't charge that until you've made a name for yourself. . and a small feature on AT doesn't count.

Wintercheck Factory: Double-Duty Furniture Store Profile | Apartment Therapy New York
5/4/10 09:19 PM

RetroRenovation will be a huge help! This is an amazing kitchen and shouldn't be overhauled, just helped along. Maybe some modern wallpaper and some marmoleum floor?

Suggestions for a Vintage Kitchen? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/23/10 10:04 PM

Fabulous, another person who bought their house in prime vintage condition and wants to zen/spa/whatever the place so that no one else will ever want to live in it. It's a perfect original bathroom, leave it at that! Visit RetroRenovation please!

Advice for a Bathroom Vanity Renovation? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/23/10 09:58 PM

Where is the artwork in the second photo from?

Dee's Bright and Modern Oakland Loft House Call | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/23/10 09:46 PM

I have had a Docksta for a while and love it. I eat at it everyday, and it is sturdy and holds up well. Will only scratch if you really abuse it.

Which is Better: DOCKSTA or Odyssey? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/17/10 11:03 PM