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on most house tours i find one or two rooms or maybe certain pieces that i like, but on this one, i liked every single room and every little detail. beautiful to look at and it doesn't make you feel like you have to watch every step you take.

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12/12/08 10:17 PM

i want to know if this is available to purchase as well!

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11/22/08 07:59 PM

katie!!! well now i think it's obvious who my vote will be going to. (:

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11/22/08 07:29 PM

i've done exactly what you WANT to do and let me tell you, it's best to stick your print outs on to a sturdy board and then mount on the wall.

as for printing out your rasterbated masterpiece, i suggest you do it at kinkos. i wasted almost two ink cartridges on mine. it will be much cheaper to print at a 3rd party place instead of at home.

good luck!

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11/22/08 07:06 PM