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My bookshelf for the first 18 years of my life was the inherited brick bookshelf from my mom's childhood room that moved to my parents first apartment. I remember when i got tall enough and we added the "third level" :)

How To: Make a Brick and Board Bookshelf
Home by Sunset

4/19/12 10:01 PM

Thank you for this post!

I graduated from Penn and had four wonderful years in Philadelphia.

The city has tons of things to offer. The architecture is diverse from Old City with places such as City Tavern to the beautiful row houses on Baltimore and other streets in West Philadelphia, from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the modern business buildings in center city. Additionally, the city has tons of cultural offerings and a great restaurant culture!

Apartment Therapy DC | Philadelphia: Setting the Record Straight
7/27/09 01:39 PM

Hi Julia,

I frequently browse the Ikea website. May I ask which desk (top) you got? How sturdy is it?


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Roundup: Creating a Small Office Space
2/3/09 11:32 PM

Do you any have recommendations for a place to buy a small inexpensive desk?

(I am looking for something that will hold my laptop and then leave a bit more space, but not much more.)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Roundup: Creating a Small Office Space
2/3/09 10:11 PM

I share an apartment with two room mates and there is one closet in the entire place.

Using under bed space is a necessity. I store everything from suit cases, a sleeping bag, two boxes with my linens, my drying rack, and several boxes that house often used stuff (such as shoes, work out close, scarves) that is easily accessible and then there are boxes that harder to get to that house seasonal clothing that isn't needed and extra office supplies, etc.

I sleep pretty well, but look forward to more closet space in my next apartment.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What Won't You Store Under the Bed?
1/26/09 10:19 PM

I don't think you absolutely need to replace the bedding (I am personally very attached to my bedding). Instead you could get fun pillow covers (with a pattern) and make your bed in a way that pillows lie on top of the comforter. Just an idea.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Would You Do With $120 In This Bedroom?
1/21/09 07:42 PM

21 year old and I also support sorting books and dvds in some systematic manner not based on color. I agree that it looks nice, but practicality is higher up on my list.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Jessica's Bedroom: All Things Bright Beautiful
1/20/09 07:44 PM

I really love the use of mirrors. Particularly the one above the bed.

I agree that this could be a little much. I wonder if one could do one wall in a room in this dark color and then do the other walls in a lighter color? Or would that ruin the whole thing?

Apartment Therapy New York | Paint it Black: A Norwegian Apartment
1/13/09 05:39 PM

I have been spending a lot of time recently thinking about how to incorporate a work space in a bedroom. As the post suggests we should keep the two separate, but that's not always possible. Do any of you have any good suggestions?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 10 Common Mistakes Made In The Bedroom
1/13/09 05:32 PM

Hi All,

I remember strolling past a store with "poufs" and other Moroccan themed furniture and fabrics in Chelsea Market recently, if any of you are interested.


Apartment Therapy New York | Moroccan Poufs on the Cheap
11/21/08 09:32 PM

We turn old beer tops into magnets for our fridge, which can be a fun way to make use of them.

We also used to have a coin-jar type jar with beer tops in it, which looked fun and colorful without being too animal house-ish.

I do have a question though, I have been collecting champagne tops since I was a young girl and am trying to think of a good way to "display" them. Any thoughts?

Apartment Therapy DC | How To... Use Wine Corks and Beer Caps for Home Decor
11/21/08 09:22 PM