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I have an original child's version of this table (a gift for my 3rd birthday). It came as a set with 2 white bertoia chairs (the metal frames were coated in rubber, if I remember) with yellow vinyl seat pads. I still have the table in my livingroom and even though the chairs have long since been destroyed from overuse, I can't forget what a perfect match they made.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Chair Suggestions for Cyclone Table?
2/25/09 02:24 PM

I'll be switching to Vanity Fair, ANYTHING but AD!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Options for Domino Subscribers Switching Your Subscription with Condé Nast
2/23/09 03:40 PM

THANK YOU!!! I was so dreading having to go out tonight to buy valentines for my kid's kindergarten class-these are so much cuter than anything I could have found and they couldn't have ben easier to print!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Free and Frugal Printable Valentines
2/12/09 04:32 PM

I would LOVE to, but my husband is a red-head and pink can be extremely unflattering for him!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Pink Rooms for Grown-Ups
2/12/09 01:30 PM

LOVE you home! Ditto on bepsf comment...

Where did you get that blue sofa and chair?
Please let us know!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Matt's Eclectic LuxuryLos Angeles
2/6/09 03:21 PM

I also recommend the Sumo- we have it in a hair salon I design & it has held up EXTREMELY well-grownups, kids & dogs all seem to love it!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Affordable Floor Cushions
1/30/09 04:16 PM

I used this on some glass furniture in my pre-parenting days. It is NOT permanent and extremely easy to use. Just follow the directions on the can & you'll be fine. I was able to remove the frosting from my tables simply by soaking & cleaning them several times in a row-at the most you'd need a razor blade to remove it (as you would paint).

You can have a lot of fun cutting shapes out of Con-Tac paper to make your design.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Frost Your Windows
1/16/09 03:56 PM

Creating a luxurious bed is a very healthy investment in your wellbeing. You spend such a large portion of your life in bed, and being well rested helps you get the most out of the rest of your life.

As for the bedding, you don’t have to buy a mattress that costs more than your car in order to get a glorious nights’ sleep. The secret to those dreamy 5-star hotel beds is what goes *on* the mattress: padded mattress covers, pillowtops or featherbeds and quality sheets go a long way in taking a ordinary mattress from basic to blissful. These “extras” are all readily available and very reasonably priced nowadays.

I really like these products:

I sell them in my design boutique & use them in my own home. They are affordable, beautiful and entirely hypoallergenic (including the down).

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Suggestions for New Bedding?
1/15/09 03:07 PM

I would like to second the post by home body & suggest you spend a night in your guest digs yourself. To that end-and I know this seems needless to mention-please make sure you are providing adequate sleep space and comfort for the number, size and needs of your guests.
For example...
I recently stayed with a relative who made up a bed for me on their loveseat. The challenges of such an arrangement were as follows:
1. Even though I am barely over 5 feet tall, it was waaay to short for me (I was also at least 7 months pregnant which made it all the more uncomfortable).
2. I know it was a pullout sofa (I helped them pick it out) so...why wasn't it pulled out?
3. Just next to the loveseat was quite a large empty space, enough to easily fit 2 queensized air mattresses. Lying there wide awake at 2am, I pondered giving them one as a thank you gift, then decided against it.

I can only chalk it up to their being inexperienced hosts-they did do all kinds of other things to make me feel welcome, like keeping snacks & my morning coffee on hand. But I really do believe that trying the accommodations for yourself is priceless-I learned by doing this that my own guest room was way to bright, and so hung blackout drapes so my guests can sleep in if they like.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Advice On Making A Guest Room Special? Melbourne
1/13/09 04:59 PM

Just lovely! I too am covetous of the silhouettes. I love how everything has been considered but it is all so approachable. Great use of color to contemporize the architecture-I know it's a rental but so many owners would have demolished first and asked questions later. Well done-thanks for letting us all have a look!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Mark and Marissa's Eclectic Inspired Pad Los Angeles
1/9/09 03:57 PM

I have had it with MCM-bashing "friends"! Ok, if you're soooo cool, you can just leave all the choice pieces for the rest of us to snap up.

redneckmodern, I have a papa bear chair in brown velvet, and it IS the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in. The wings are perfectly placed for snoozing and the back is perfectly pitched. As much as I love Scandinavian design, it can often be uncomfortable for me as it's been designed for lanky Scandinavians (I'm 5'1"). But somehow the papa bear fits EVERYONE. And it's true, you'll be too mellow to reach for your bat-but if you do, make sure it's made of teak!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Best Seat in the House
1/9/09 01:30 PM

I agree with arroyo that box style cushions are a good idea. I would also consider changing up the look by doing single-cushion seats (and possibly backs) on the sofas. It's a little hard to tell exactly what your style is from the photo, but the sky's the limit in terms of fabric. I might even pick, say, 3 different colors and use them differently on the 2 sofas.

Sorry people are putting down the coffee table. Once the sofas are sorted, it can be accessorized accordingly, it just looks really sparse in the photo. Don't know if that's how it always looks or not but it could some colorful arrangement of objet, books & possibly a runner.

PS-sounds like your friends are projecting their Grandma issues onto your furniture...

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: New Cushions / New Sofa Survey?
1/8/09 04:44 PM

I bought a 3-piece sleeper sectional from jennifer convertibles with a brand-new posturepedic queen mattress (still in the plastic) for $150!! The sofa fabric was FILTHY, but I was able to have it reupholstered with some beautiful Holly Hunt fabric I had left over from a project (read: FREE) so the whole thing ended up costing about $700. So I saved $1,100 on the sectional and at least $1,800 on the fabric for a total savings of about $3K. Floor model sales are AWESOME, particularly when you're open to using the savings to customize a piece from a chain store. (I also snapped up a few cheap gems at the West Elm sale!)

Apartment Therapy Boston | What is Your Best Floor Model Victory?
1/6/09 02:13 PM

Reminds me of Mon Oncle without the fish fountain. Not saying that's a good or bad thing...just an impression.
I am jealous of that black stove!

Starbuck's is really your biggest embarrassment? Really? Wow, now my own house embarrassments (reluctance to paint the baseboards, "crispy" yard) seem SUPER embarrassing!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: The p_House Los Angeles
12/22/08 05:43 PM

I have always claimed to have a touch of death for houseplants, but the "Aqua Globes" (see above link) make me look like Martha freakin' Stewart! I bet these work just as well, but while the aqua globes say "I have a taste for Murano glass and a lush home," these kind of say "I am a lush with a taste for swill and am too embarrassed to put any more empties in the recycling bin outside my home." Of course, that's just in *my* home, where we don't by anything over $10 a bottle!

Apartment Therapy New York | Wine Bottle Plant Nannies from Napa Style
12/9/08 06:11 PM

I couldn't agree more about the picture frames & wacky mugs! Gag gifts in general are a terrible waste of everyone's time.

This year I finally succumbed to the pressure and made a list of about 20 things I'd love to get & wouldn't mind multiples of, so I can give the list to everyone who asks. They are mostly small things like recipes & mix CD's or MP3 files, but also things like dishtowels, potholders and Almond Roca-which I never seem to have enough of.
As for "last-minute" gifts or gift exchanges (we have a couple this year with $10 limits) you really can't go wrong with consumables like coffee, tea & chocolate. Donations are wonderful but not always practical when caught off guard or for "white elephant" type gift exchanges.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Gift Black List: What We Won't Give This Holiday Season
12/7/08 11:59 PM

THANK YOU!! What a fab tip. I was sitting in my (home accessories) shop, reading this post & wondering where on earth I'd be able to find a decanter on the way home and-lo and behold- I found one among the odds and ends in the back of my own shop! It does work remarkably well, particularly for those of us who like to get more than one bottle of wine for a fiver.

Apartment Therapy New York | Wine Decanter from Scandinavian Grace
12/7/08 08:47 PM

THANK YOU AT & KITCHN!! I have been trying to think of the perfect christmas gift for my husband. My daughter and I are always complaining about his hot-sauce laden recipes, so if I actually *made* him some?? Mega-points for me this christmas!!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Recipe Recommendation: DIY Hot Sauce from Mark Bittman
12/5/08 02:38 PM

It looks...okay. But for that amount of money ($250) you could get a really cool looking vintage chair AND an air mattress that is bound to be way more comfy for your guests. Your guests can then admire your thoughtfulness (in providing them with a comfy place to sleep) as well as your excellent taste!

Apartment Therapy New York | Hot or Not? Parker Sleeper Chair
12/4/08 05:38 PM

I have really been enjoying the "Place Space" series by Todd Oldham. Each volume is a photo essay of such spaces as RISD student interiors, a camphouse, and John Waters' home. Each is accompanied by a short, pithy essay from the likes of Camille Paglia, Cindy Sherman and Amy Sedaris. If, like me, you miss "nest" magazine-these are for you!

Apartment Therapy New York | Best Design Books of 2008: Let's Make Our Own List
12/4/08 05:22 PM