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I diffuse high-quality essential oils in my home. In winter, I tend toward eucalyptus and pines, and citruses like grapefruit & tangerine in the summer. Both are clean, and not too sweet.

One of the reasons that the synthetics make people feel sick is that they have a large molecular size that sticks to the inside of your nose. Some people notice this as a stuffy-nose feeling.

The other reason is that they don't evaporate cleanly. Real essential oils are highly volatile, meaning the disappear quickly. Synthetic perfumes are designed to last a long time, but if it's irritating to you then that's actually a drawback.

I haven't tried the other Method products, but I tried their wood floor cleaner, and it was the cheapest most low-grade fragrance oil I've smelled in a long time. (I've been in the aromatherapy biz before.) It ticked me off that they call their products 'natural,' because it clearly isn't. Deceptive, imho.

Good Question: Home Fragrance?
6/20/07 10:18 PM

I don't care what you call the profile section, but I want you to bring back links to poster's home pages. I've found other interesting blogs from people posting in the comments section. It's more in the spirit of blogging that way.

Dept. of Improvements: New Comments System
3/26/07 06:19 PM

The SF/NYC regional differences aren't just in bathrooms. I'm on the SF Bay Area and read the SF version of Apartment Therapy for local shopping resources, but my taste is ALWAYS found on the more modern NYC blog.

I really dislike the "granny chic" vintage trend here. My hunch is that so many of the houses here are Victorian, that the owners are trying to find ways to work with the architecture. More disturbing to me however is that women's clothing here is veering off in that direction too.

I think it's time some more New Yorkers moved out here. Please save us from ourselves!

Bathroom Month Winds Down
3/26/07 06:10 PM