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I always have sticker shock after learning the prices of properties in bigger cities. I'm from the midwest and my fiance and I just purchased 6 acres, large farm house and 3 large outbuildings for $165,000. wow.

A Charming Tiny House in Chicago
10/20/11 10:37 AM

We are currently sofa hunting, but on a very tiny budget. I love the Milo sofa, but it is way out of our price range. Anyone know of anything similar but more affordable??

Navy, Salmon, Silver, Lavender: Non-Halloween Edition
10/17/11 04:07 PM

My fiance is a big time hunter and we have a couple deet heads on the wall that are very important to him. We do use all the meat and other pieces from what he hunts, however. The heads aren't my favorite, but I have no problem with them. What I do love, though, is "shed racks," or the antlers that you find in the woods that deer have shed each year. These we have all over and they are so fun in many uses.

Reader Survey: Does Taxidermy Enhance a Space?
10/6/11 04:39 PM

We have an 1891 home and it kind of feels "fall-ish" to me. Maybe its the orange-y harwood floors? lol. Love the bedroom!

A Perfect Fall Home: Midwood on the Hudson
Martha Stewart

9/29/11 12:00 PM

Cats can eat dog food. Dogs should not eat cat food, however. Our farm cats eat dog food only. We buy it in bulk to have out for them. They do fine with it. Just fyi.

5 Other Things Your Dog Shouldn't Eat…and Why
Real Simple

9/27/11 02:51 PM

I'm guessing that all homes of some age have had bad things happen there. Most were probably never publicly known. Our new farmhouse is from 1891 and I'm sure that there were deaths there. We love it and it wouldn't change our minds. Although when we told the seller we were going to have our wedding reception in the barns next year he told us he proposed to his wife in the loft and they also had their wedding there. History made us love it even more!

Would You Buy a House with a Dark History?
Good Questions

9/9/11 02:17 PM

We just moved to a farm house from 1891 and I have been blessed with a huge walk-through closet that leads to a sunken bedroom. The closet is currently a pale purple-y color, but the closet resembles the first so much that I think I should paint it that blue color!

Going Crazy for Big, Beautiful Closets
9/9/11 12:04 PM

We just bought a new farmhouse and the previous owners used a couple old chippy doors and shutters to make an entertainment unit in the living room. Its very neat! Love this repurposing idea!

Before & After: From Old Door to New Bookcase
8/26/11 10:06 AM

we just bought an 1891 farmhouse with natural oak floors and white trim, but the walls are very bright colors. we plan to soon paint them shades of gray. so glad I saw this post for inspiration! I say go for it, gray looks great with everything!

Warm Oak Floors with Cool Gray Walls?
Good Questions

8/24/11 10:19 AM

Love this! Wonderful job! I love black walls when done well and you guys got it totally right!

Before & After: A Bathroom Color Makeover for the Ages
The Color Cure

8/24/11 10:16 AM

I have this problem! We just moved and we plan to stay here for years and years, so no moving in the future for us. But still, we have one box with items that I just dont know what to do with. I am super organized and these are the items that don't really have a category lol

Moving On: Unpacking the Final Box
8/17/11 10:51 AM

We recently moved and used a big goose-neck horse trailer for most of it. lol. wish I could move her way!

Packing & Moving: The Martha Stewart Way
8/12/11 03:44 PM

I love doing this, everything needs to be packed anyways!

we also recently moved and I used our stash of plastic grocery sacks as cushion! We save these for things like dog detail, and once we are unpacked we just put them back in their spot to continue to reuse!

5 Things in Your Home to Use as Packing Material
8/12/11 03:40 PM

Love this house! Wonderfully mixed!

Samantha & Lindsey's Bright Beach Cottage
House Tour

8/9/11 12:23 PM

oh I love this! nice job!

Before & After: From Busted to Beautiful Bamboo Chest
Centsational Girl

7/14/11 01:41 PM

I have wondered about fixing chairs with broken caning before and this inspires me! wonderful job!

Before & After: From Busted Caning To Wonderful Webbing
Vintage Revivals

7/12/11 03:21 PM

wonderful job! I have been wanting to try the concrete countertops and this may just convince me to take the plunge! thanks!

Before & After: Jessie's Bright White Kitchen Reno
7/11/11 11:54 AM

What a wonderful space! We just bought a farm house and this is so inspiring!

Shannan & Cory's Geek Chic Farmhouse
House Tour

7/11/11 11:16 AM

great job! so bright and fun now!

Before & After: Terri's Battered to Beautiful Chairs
6/28/11 10:00 AM

This turned out wonderfully! Great job!

How To Print DIY Patterned Fabric
6/22/11 10:17 AM