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Ryan, could you tell me anything you can about those awesome doors at the end of your kitchen?! I'm looking for something just like that to fill in some skinny old windows off my dining room.
And the kitchen is amazing. It's #1 on my styles to copy right now!

Ryan's Stunning San Francisco Remodel Kitchen Tour
4/24/12 01:30 PM

How about just not using one?

I had the same issues with having a big, hulking plastic thing in the living area. While we finally had to break down and live with a mechanical swing for 3 months since we had such sleeping and fussing early on, we did skip the activity center. All of our friends had one and I thought I needed one too. Totally didn't and won't. We have a few mobile stations for our son to set up near by us. Since he can sit up, we lay down a blanket folded enough to be padded and an assortment of toys for him to play with. I can do this in the kitchen while I prep meals, in our office, his room and in the dining room. His mobility skills are great and he's super strong from always holding himself up and having to lean and reach for his own toys. We've done this since before he could sit up.

As for a bouncer seat, the Baby Bjorn worked for us to have a safe place to set him down while we did things before he could sit up. We like the look of it and it does clean and pack well. However, he had to be entertained by us, and it never soothed him into sleep.

Do Non-Hideous Baby Bouncers & Swings Exist?
Good Questions

1/3/12 11:03 PM

Awesome room! Lucky Henry!
Is that a leather butterfly chair cover? Well I love the color of it, regardless of material. Can you share where you got it?

Henry's Very Vintage Nursery
Nursery Tour

9/28/11 12:30 AM

What do you think is an appropriate age to start allowing a child to use an iphone/touch/pad? I have always heard that children should be kept from televisions until age two, but I'm not sure exactly why.

What's 'Appening?: Best Review Sites for Kids Apps
8/26/11 02:03 PM

My first thought is a creamy ivory for a more classic look. Then I imagined a bright teal or turquoise for more pop and fun. But I have a hard time picking rugs too!

Rug To Match Living Room & New Eames LCW Chairs?
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3/24/11 06:16 PM

Poinsettia stems can be very stunning in a cut arrangement. TIP: burn/singe the cut end before putting it in water. They're like poppies and will wilt quickly if you don't. They'll last for many days if you do!

The Case for Poinsettias
Garden Party

12/15/10 08:42 PM

Oh my gosh- I just splurged on that exact same dresser last week! I've been searching craigslist for months trying to get just the right dresser at just the right price. Then I saw this one and it was "have to have" at first sight, even though it cost a bit more than the rest I've looked at. It's so worth it!

When is Something Worth A Splurge?
11/23/10 11:25 AM

Does anyone have tips on restoring the chrome plated Bertoia chairs? We inherited 6 (!) that lived outdoors since the 80's. They're not in terrible shape, just some rusting and rough spots, but not so good looking for indoors. Thanks!

Restoring Bertoia Chairs?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
1/19/10 11:26 PM

I have that exact style couch but in light blue velour. We purchased it at Therapy on Valencia Street in San Francisco. I don't know the brand, but we were able to pick a length, base color and material, fabric and fabric color.

Where Can I Find this Sofa? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/4/10 10:42 AM

I think it is artificial too. It looks like an exaggerated version of Dracaena compacta. Check it out here:

What Kind of Plant is This? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
12/10/09 10:49 AM

after reading these, I'm feeling soooo good about our new-old home we just moved into. we've had pests and backed up sewage, but now the worst is the mary engelbright wallpaper border over the berry vine patterned walls and cupboards. a totally 80's grandma's house!

Apartment Therapy DC | Pity Points: What's Your Worst New Home Nightmare?
8/12/09 01:46 AM

As long as the planter is not receiving full, direct sun on it, tillandsias, aka "air plants," would be a great choice. Fill the planter with a few interesting looking stones of different sizes. Select a large specimen tillandsia and some other, smaller sizes to fill in. All you will have to do is mist them on dry days and take them to the sink for a 5 minute soak once every 1-2 weeks. No moving the planter or worrying about drainage! Plus they're available in the coolest shapes and colors and are super design-y looking.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Hearty Indoor Plant Suggestions?
7/15/09 12:31 AM

Just trap them. Yes, you have to deal with it afterwards, and the traps are tricky, but it's the most effective way to control the population in your area. Look for the brand "Cinch"- it's the best one out there.

Also, since your area is prone to gophers, plant valuable plants in gopher baskets. They are a stronger gauge metal mesh basket (chicken and aviary wire are too thin and break down) that encase the roots of your new plants. I use them even for annuals.

Good luck! Gophers are my biggest battle out in the yard too!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Getting Rid of Pocket Gophers
2/18/09 10:36 PM

I love the Macoun apples! I can't find them in Santa Cruz, CA. I brought a whole bag of them back with me in my carry-on last fall!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Look! Apple Chart in Union Square
11/20/08 02:36 AM

The Vera Wang Naturals Collection at Macys is lovely. A soft, matte finish, off white bone color, thick and heavy. And a very pure and simple shape. We were very fortunate to have gotten a whole set of dinner and salad plates and bowls for wedding gifts. Here's a link, but they look and feel much better in your hand. They're also whiter than the picture shows.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Suggestions for Dishes with Mid C Feel?
11/20/08 02:05 AM