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I just received my popsicle molds in the mail last night! Looks like I got the same ones as those used in the photo - http://su.pr/2pInZK

While less-fancy that your recipes, I filled one with orange juice, one with strawberry yogurt & one with left-over granita ( http://su.pr/2VCHPZ )... If only I had thought to add vodka or rum :)

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8/7/09 10:54 AM

I see there is still interest in this post - we are flattered...

sopey - the pillows are from Target!

btronist - the nightstands & couches in the sitting room are from IKEA

Liana & AmyJo & taracakes - I'm not sure about the bar stools, the previous owner added them! I think they are custom.

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6/24/09 09:46 AM

We're working on a new version of the springpad meal planner. So, if you've got any suggestions for improvements, please let me know.


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5/12/09 09:30 AM

Thanks so much for all of the kind words :) A few answers:
- The Roman shades were custom sewn. In our previous apartment, we had some from IKEA that were strikingly similar, but the the texture of the linen is a bit different & definitely changes the way they fall.
- The living room rug is from IKEA. We love it (as does the cat), but it produces a lots of dust. If anyone has a suggestion of a source for a replacement with a similar look, we'd love to hear it!
- bepsf is right! The two ivory loveseats do look like they are going to fight. We have really struggled with the layout of the small front sitting room, putting tables in different spots, etc. I guess there's more to do :)
- The Shaw's Original Farmhouse sink in the kitchen is 30"
- Cabinet Source: http://www.oceansidecabinets.com/
- I believe the floating kitchen shelves were custom
- We'll try to wrangle up some paint colors, so we can post them here

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3/12/09 06:16 PM

Thanks for the compliments on our bathroom! To answer your questions...

- Keeping the glass clean is surprisingly easy. It might have to do with not using soaps that leave a film? I tend to just clean it with Windex every 2 or 3 weeks, no need for a daily cleaning.
- We're lucky enough to have another full bathroom (which will be hitting the renovation chopping block soon) that includes a bathtub. I was worried at first with no bathtub in our primary bathroom, but have found that we don't use the tub all that much after all.
- You can't see it in the photos, but there is a tall & narrow closet in the bathroom behind the door (next to the toilet). It's got lots of shelves in it & works out really well for storing all of our bathroom junk.

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3/10/09 03:20 PM

- The countertops are honed granite
- I think the pendant light above the sink is from Restoration Hardware
- We found the salad bowl with handles at Marshall's... we bought a whole line of serving pieces between there & TJMaxx that were imported from Portugal & dishwasher-safe!

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3/9/09 10:56 AM

If you find most of your recipes online, springpad makes it easy to save them just by copying & pasting the URL. And, springpad will even strip out & save the ingredient list for you... This helps save time when you're preparing to go to the grocery store.

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3/5/09 12:11 PM

I found the towel holder at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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3/4/09 08:14 AM

I've discovered that I am physically incapable of following a recipe. Which turns out fine when make savory meals, but means that most baking projects end up in disaster.

I do, though, find lots of recipes online add them to my springpad meal planner, then modify them on the fly. I need to get better at going back & making notes about how I like to modify recipes - it will help when I send them to friends.

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2/26/09 09:48 AM

We just launched a new product that allows you to plan your meals for the week, create shopping lists & reference a weekly shopping list - all in one step.

Check it out! http://www.springpadit.com/springpads/mealplanner/

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11/17/08 12:59 PM