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Not really quite on topic, but here's an amazing story about a dying girl wanting to see the movie Up:

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Nail Houses: Stubborn Owners Refusing To Sell
6/25/09 03:02 PM

I went to someone's apartment with a skinny balcony, and there was a hammock there. It was really great lying in it!

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: What Should I Do To My Balcony?
6/6/08 12:04 PM

The NYT just had an article about gardens in Manhattan:

Apartment Therapy New York | PlantTherapy: Enjoy NYC Green Spaces This Weekend!
5/27/08 06:20 AM

I love the Nakamichi tape deck in that movie.

Apartment Therapy New York | ColorTherapy in Film: 9 1/2 Weeks
2/5/08 12:07 PM

I wonder if the Zizmor family has any relation to the infamous Dr. Z of the subway ads.

Apartment Therapy New York | Blogging Dwell: Small Wonders
2/1/08 10:25 AM

I noticed that Maxwell is now doing the NY scavenger posts. What happened to Molly? She did a great job as the scavenger.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Scavenger: Heywood-Wakefield Gate Leg Drop Leaf Table with Chairs for $1000
1/16/08 06:48 AM

I don't exactly know what "freestanding built-in" means, but it sounds very much like a "slide-in" range. Many manufacturers make slide-ins, and a google search for "slide-in range" yields more than 1 million results.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Where Can I Find A Freestanding Oven?
10/24/07 11:36 AM

Cool! Springer-Verlag math books in the first picture.

Apartment Therapy - The Fall Cure: Week Four - Weekend
10/5/07 04:45 PM

I think AT should do a series showing an original designer (i.e., expensive) piece and a (much) cheaper version, and without identifying either, have people vote on which one they think is the original (or the more expensive one). You could then post the answer the next day. This pair would have worked nicely, and also the DWR Bantam vs. Macy's sofa post earlier today. This could be kind of like the "High and Low" column that Met Home runs. It would be interesting to see how many people would get it right.

Carved Dressers at Brocade Home
8/6/07 06:31 PM

Congrats on the new apt. Your ceiling is amazingly high!

How about putting a new veneer on the armoire? I have no experience with this, and I'm considering doing it myself on a similar Ikea piece, so I'd like to hear if anyone has done this.

Good Questions: Who Can Tame This Monster Armoire?
6/19/07 12:13 PM

Really nice kitchen! You said that you have Ikea cabinets, but I've never seen the oak doors that you have at Ikea. Do you know the name of the door style? Or did you get custom doors to go with the Ikea frames? If so, where did you get the doors? Thanks.

#17 - Jennifer's Light and Airy
5/3/07 06:08 PM