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We use these for sorting mail in our four-adult household. They work beautifully.

Good Product: RATIONELL VARIERA Pot Lid Rack | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/4/10 12:41 AM

As far as where they came from: in Portland, OR, there's a place called the ReBuilding Center that's effectively several warehouses of stuff from demolished buildings. There's a small section of drawers and cabinet doors -- from kitchens and bathrooms, usually. They run $3-10 a pop. It's probable that there are other similar places elsewhere.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Flickr Find: Repurposed Drawer Shelving
9/9/09 02:43 PM

The street our house is on has a lot of pedestrian traffic, and the neighborhood is less-than-entirely-safe, so we tend to keep the front windows covered. I don't want to tempt fate by leaving laptops, speakers, whatever, visible from the street.

Upstairs windows, though, are almost always open. The houses are very close here, and no one has air conditioning, so I've been able, at times, to see what my neighbors are doing in their bedrooms -- whether that's naughty things or watching movies. We all just pretend the windows are opaque.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Question: How Private are Your Windows at Night? Austin
8/9/09 06:45 PM

Upon graduating from college, I moved four times in two years. Believe me: I kept the cardboard boxes. Then my sweetie and I bought a house -- and the cardboard promptly went out in the garden to suppress weeds under our veggie beds.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 10 Good Tips For Renters To Feel At Home
6/12/09 04:01 PM

My sweetie and I keep separate bedrooms, for a wide variety of reasons, but often sleep together. In his room, I sleep on the right. In mine, I sleep on the left. It's to do with things like where the sunlight is, where the lights are. I wake up to an alarm; he doesn't, so whichever side is within arm's reach of the alarm is mine. In his room, the left side is near the door, and I just can't sleep that close to the door. Etc.

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1/19/09 03:01 AM