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The toilet paper problem was the only one I ever solved (from 'No More Naughty Kitties) - put an empty soda can on top of the roll. After the 2nd crash down (harmless to kitty) they learn.....although I did feel I was taking some joy out of his life

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10/6/10 04:49 PM

you mean instead of paying sound proof window company, I can find someone just to replace the glass within the windows I have (to laminated glass)?

that's correct. But bear in mind, it's sound dampening, not sound proof.

Where should I go about to find someone or company that can provide this type of service? thanks

why don't you ask your super who replaces the broken glass units in the building or look in the phone book under glazing?

Good Questions: Window Noise & Privacy Solution?
5/9/07 04:07 AM

re: laminated glass

any glass can be replaced, it's just a question of putting back the same thickness of glass as you had before for various technical reasons which I won't go into; and laminated glass generally comes in fewer thicknesses than regular glass. Any proficient glazer should be able pull out the glass unit, measure it, and replace with a new one.

the really cheapo fix is to put vinyl film on your existing glass which will dampen the sound a little, but it's hard to install well (speaking from experience) and won't be as good for sound.

Good Questions: Window Noise & Privacy Solution?
5/6/07 06:13 AM

If your existing window can accomodate it, you may consider changing one of your glass lites within each 'double glazed' unit to laminated glass which will cut down on noise transmission. Not all windows can accomodate this, but if yours can, you'll get some noise reduction, it takes up no room, and is signficantly cheaper than the so called soundproofing windows. In essence, they're the retro fit solution to not having triple glazed windows to begin with.

Good Questions: Window Noise & Privacy Solution?
5/3/07 04:43 PM