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Honestly there isn't much you can do, while you can try and mend it and just turn the crack away from view, any sort of epoxy or tape will alter the shadow it emits greatly...I would suggest trying to find another light that is similar or the same...scour ebay and never know what you might find!

Repairing a Broken Nelson Pendant? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
12/8/09 07:47 PM

That floor tile is going to show everything, black is not a great choice for kitchens or bathrooms.

Apartment Therapy Boston | To Paint or Attempt to Clean Dark Kitchen Cabinets? Good Question
8/27/09 07:27 PM

My method takes a bit more work and time so not usually done for impromptu parties or get together. I found that hosing everything off and watering plants is best done three to four days in advance because the water left sitting overnight on tables, chairs, stones, and in the beds allows more mosquito eggs to grow and they tend to hatch right at dusk the next day when the party is just taking off! So hosing everything down a few days in advance and then just taking cushions and chairs in the night before to avoid them getting dirty is easiest!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Prep Your Outdoor Space for a Party
6/10/09 10:08 PM

Interesting, but lets leave these things for commercial advertising/signage!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Using Thumbtacks to Make Wall Decoration
3/22/09 11:23 PM

You showing much disrespect to Buddha by placing him on the floor. Elevate him on a table or the like as soon as possible.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Question About Width of Hall Runner Los Angeles
3/13/09 07:33 PM

Not a fan of that. I think it takes away the charm of mismatched crystal ware. Just tacky and with a dime store quality. It also does nothing to unify the pieces.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Making Mismatched Glassware Work Inspiration from Demelza Hill
2/13/09 07:19 PM

I think that dark walls can open a space up a bit. While sitting in a darkly painted room, it creates a sense of mystery about where exactly the corners of the room end.

Apartment Therapy New York | Black and White in Marseilles Living Etc. March 2009
1/26/09 01:58 PM

Yeah! Clean them with barkeepers friend, or a simple metal polish then use a electric buffer and I bet they could be salvaged. You can use a stainless steel pen or a paint for little spots of rust and it wouldn't be that noticeable.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Replacement Legs for this Retro Table?
1/26/09 01:57 PM

I think it would most likely just be ignored! Similar items, (just not as ascetically pleasing), have been around for years in the form of animals...etc.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? At Home Do Not Disturb Sign
1/26/09 01:54 PM

Good luck fitting all of that into a small studio, especially what looks like a full size bed frame.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Inspiration Board: Colorful Chinoiserie Studio Apartment
12/13/08 08:24 AM

Horrible! Looks like it once has a beautiful wood grain, now it's just a terrible stuffy green blob.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Look! Toni's CraigsList Cabinet Transformation
12/8/08 08:55 PM

Do not follow google maps, the arlington stop is not in that location anymore. Get off the Arlington T stop (green line). Exit the stop from the stairwell that says "st. james street", walk up the stairs...go straight down berkley towards st. james street, keep going until you hit columbus ave, take a left. on the right there is a castle looking structure, thats it! look for entrance.

(i go to school right next door)

Apartment Therapy Boston | Bazaar Bizarre This Weekend! Boston
12/7/08 10:29 AM

Paint paint paint paint, get rid of that old ugly oak trim!!!

Apartment Therapy Boston | AT Survey: Painting Wood Trim?
12/2/08 08:08 AM

I honestly love it! The space is much more open!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Update to "Would You Block a Doorway?"
11/18/08 07:36 PM

Ohh! I bet that little guy is dirty! Do you wash him regularly??

Apartment Therapy Boston | Alternative Door Handles
11/18/08 07:34 PM