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Long-live the McGuigans! We don't usually get too much air time. :)

Cathleen McGuigan Named Editor of Architectural Record
Design News 5.3.2011

5/3/11 12:08 PM

Um.. Who has money to stuff a stocking with a $400 mini chair or clock? The other three seem reasonable, but $400 is a bit much, IMO!

Stocking Stuffers for Classic Design Enthusiasts
12/15/10 07:08 PM

We also have a dining set for sale for anyone interested. We really need it gone!

Two Crate & Barrel Loop Dressers - $300
Washington DC Scavenger

12/3/10 01:53 PM

Had the Bubble Chair from CB2. Looks great, but its rock hard.

Desk Chairs We Wish We Owned
9/29/10 03:18 PM

Oh wow. Those are quite gorgeous.

Introducing DwellStudio for Robert Allen
9/24/10 10:48 AM

I have a heart shaped rock. I've probably had it for 10 plus years. Never started a collection of them, but I do love the one I have.

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Heart-Shaped Rocks
9/15/10 11:37 AM

What about layering a couple rugs? Especially if you use organically shaped rugs, you won't block up the space as much as a regular rectangular rug. While I don't know your style, using a jute/sisal rug with a organically shaped flokati or cowhide would allow you to take up that floor space as well as move it around over time.

Just a Little Bit

What Size Rug for New HUGE Sectional Sofa?
Good Questions

9/14/10 01:22 PM

We tried these in our new home. The boyfriend had them for mice and we decided to use them when we moved in together. My kitty does NOT like them! She wouldn't come downstairs for 2 days and we couldn't figure it out until we plugged one of these upstairs too -- she can hear it! No go for us!

Bye Bye Mice: Black & Decker Electronic Pest Repellers
Unplggd Test Lab

9/7/10 05:17 PM

Kozy11 --

Since melamine is lighter than ceramic, would liquid nails, or even regular super glue hold? Not sure, but I'd at least look into what they say. :)

Just a Little Bit

How to Make Wall Art from Old Plates
8/30/10 05:04 PM

I think all Apple products are going the way of wireless/bluetooth. Why not just buy rechargeable batteries so you aren't wasting as many? We are slowly converting to a completely rechargeable household and while the initial expense is more than that of regular batteries, the end result means less batteries in the land fill and more money (in the long run) in our pockets.

Converting Your Apple Magic Trackpad to USB Power
8/25/10 09:45 PM

We have the scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner. I hate it. It not only leaves a residue on our glass shower door, it gets in the way of the shower head (removable so there is a hose) and makes it hard to position it just right.

4 Pieces Of Home Automation We Could Do Without
8/25/10 09:42 PM

Pretty sure that's a TV. TV makes sense in the laundry room -- something to watch while you are going about your duties in the laundry room. But a computer would just be a distraction for me, something for my hands to be occupied with instead of ironing and folding. Much better than a stacked washer/dryer in the kitchen next to the trashcan....

Just a Little Bit

Why We Kind Of Love This Laundry Room Computer
8/25/10 09:31 AM

I have been waiting for this tour since their Small Cool entry -- was just looking at it today! Getting ready to dive into it -- looks delicious!

Just a Little Bit

Eli & Jessica's Comforting Cambridge Condo
House Tour

8/24/10 03:25 PM

Love the light this place gets!

Just a Little Bit

Tess' Tiny Home in the Clouds
House Call

8/24/10 09:55 AM

I always loved the matching of the bed in a bag items, but darnit! Start putting duvet covers in instead of comforters! Who has room for 3-4 comforters?

Just a Little Bit

Best Bedding In A Bag
8/19/10 10:50 AM

So much better! It looks bigger than my kitchen -- and mine is 3 times the size! White cabinets, for the win!

Just a Little Bit

Before & After: Small Apartment Kitchen Brightened
8/19/10 10:03 AM

Make sure you are sharing a bed that is big enough for the two of you! The first time my live-in boyfriend and I slept in the same bed, I had just finished college and had an old hand-me-down full-size. Not so great when he's 6'7"! We have a queen size now, and really wish our tiny townhouse had room for a king-size!

Just a Little Bit

Sleeping Together for the First Time
8/18/10 03:08 PM

KELLY GREEN! Go bold and bright!

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What Color Should I Paint this Accent Wall?
Good Questions

8/17/10 06:23 PM

While it might be a "collector's piece" and worth a lot of money, who cares? Do what you want with it -- make it yours!

Just a Little Bit

How Much Would You Change a Vintage "Score"?
Good Questions

8/17/10 01:39 PM

jokerman, I would agree with you 100%. I clicked over from my RSS simply to say the same thing. Uncalled for.

Poketo Helps You Keep Track of Daily Tasks with Paper!
8/16/10 04:06 PM