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Natura is available in New York as well and should be in most markets by end of the month.

A home run for Benjamin Moore comming off the success of Aura.

Haven't or can't decide what color to use?

DrySamples.com is your affordable way to find the right color. Any Benjamin Moore Paint color on a 20"x20" sample swatch for $7.99! Shipped right to your door!

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Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Benjamin Moore Natura Paint
4/12/09 01:27 AM

Natura is an excellent product for No-VOC paint. Benjamin Moore has hit the bullseye again. A little less durable then Aura, but no-odor!

Looking for colors but can't make up your mind? Don't want to spend $17 a quart to see if it's the wrong color for your bedroom?

DrySamples.com $7.99 any Benjamin Moore paint color using Benjamin Moore paint 20"x20" sample of color painted for you and shipped to your home. No messy paint no extra quarts laying around the house.

What Hue is for you?


Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Benjamin Moore Natura Paint: In the Test Lab
4/12/09 01:19 AM

Well, the color fading may be true of other brands, but with Benjamin Moore's Water Borne Platform; Aura, Natura, Eco-Spec and Ben they use Color Lock technology. What does that mean to the end user?

It will not fade or rub off like other No-VOC counter parts! obviously Aura is more durable then Natura, you do give up a little scrub cycles. However, compare to other brands it is awesome.

Benjamin Morre has excellent colors; Historical, Affinity, Classic, Previewer and Pottery Barn collections. I found a company that will make any Benjamin moore Paint Color for you on a 20"x20" sample and send it to you for $7.99!

Yep, $7.99 instead of $20 a quart to try color.

DrySamples.com What Hue is for You?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Benjamin Moore Natura Paint: In the Test Lab
4/12/09 01:12 AM

Well here are the Cons! You can't smell it! I like the fresh paint smell myself!

Really, you give up only a little durability when you goto a no-VOC paint like Natura from Benjamin Moore Paint. Some brands you give up a lot of coverage and durability not Benjamin Moore, here's why.

Benjamin Moore's Water Borne platform; Aura, Natura, Ben, Eco-Spec work on a Water Borne Colorant with what they call Color Lock technology. This allows the paint to dry with the colorant locked in the resin not between the resin like most manufactures. Anyway, a very good paint product from Benjamin Moore.

Looking for the right color? Try DrySamples.com any color using Benjamin Moore Paint. Why paint samples and spend $20 a quart they'll make the color on a 20x20" samples and send it to you for $7.99.

Drysample.com for all you color samples. What Hue is for You?

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Benjamin Moore Natura Paint
4/12/09 12:07 AM

Well I love Janovic and Benjamin Moore Paint. I find the 4th avenue store at 10st to be extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

I prefer the Classic colors over the Color Previewer colors. They listen and are always helpful finding the right color for me.

I also recently found a little web site that will provide any Benjamin Moore Paint Color on a BIG square.

DrySamples.com was nervous at first, but they delivered and I have used them a couple of times. I find that the wet color samples are just not enough for my tastes.

Apartment Therapy New York | Janovic Plaza
4/8/09 01:23 AM

I agree Aura is fantastic paint! Benjamin Moore is a leader in Green paint with Eco Spec and followed by Natura even Regal paints from Benjamin Moore is still excellent!

Looking for the right Benjamin Moore Paint color? Look no further!

www.DrySamples.com pick any color, Color Peviewer, Classic, Historical, Affinity, Pottery Barn. It doesn't matter what color they will make you a 20"x20" Dry Sample of color and send it to you. These are not sample pots but actual painted canvass for your interior decorating ideas.

What Hue is for You?

Get your color sample and decorate your life with colors!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Benjamin Moore Aura Paint in the Test Lab
4/8/09 12:45 AM

Well picking color is hard for Tile, that's why you posted most likely. I suggest that you try some nice cool whites.

At www.DrySamples.com you can try different colors and not have to worry about repainting over your paint swatches. I would try a swatch of 925 by Benjamin Moore. See how that looks.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Paint Color for Bathroom Window and Door Frame?
12/19/08 12:55 AM

1309 Moroccan Red. try it at www.DrySamples.com

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: What Bold Color Should I Paint This Piano?Los Angeles
12/19/08 12:52 AM

Greeenmount Silk by Benjamin Moore. Very nice color try a drysample on your wall.


Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: What Paint Color Should I Choose?
12/19/08 12:22 AM

First, I would like to say that the Janovic's themselves made this branding happen. They sought the highest bidder for the complete chain, Pratt & Lambert offered..(Sherwin Williams). Benjamin Moore responded, so you can point fingers to Benjamin Moore and say look how they butchered a local icon like Janovic or you can see the truth. Janovic family looked for the big buck and Benjamin Moore came in to protect their market share, just like any good business owner would.

Second, private owners control their stores not the brand image. With that said, if a major brand wants you to sport a new look or head in a new direction you will or most likely look for a new brand to sell. i.e. a local car dealership says "I do not want to sell eco friendly cars" GM says "That is the only car we are going to sell!" Dealer most likely will comply or find a new car to sell and take GM off his dealership lineup.

Last I would like to offer you this thought. Ralph Lauren is made by ICI (Glidden), Pratt & Lambert is owned by (Sherwin-Williams), Purdy(Sherwin-Williams), Krylon(Sherwin-Williams) so you could say that Benjamin Moore decided to push their own brad! Or say they decided not to sell their competitions!

I hope this sheds some light on Janovic and Benjamin Moore for you.

If you are looking for color, try http://www.DrySamples.com

Apartment Therapy New York | What's Up With Janovic/Plaza?
12/19/08 12:14 AM

I found a site that will allow you to buy not only any Benajmin Moore Paint color but Donald Kaufman, Pratt & Lambert and farrow-Ball in 20x20 inch samples. you order them they ship them to you on with adhesive squares so you can stick them on the wall. On the back they have the Color Name and Formula listed so you can go to the paint store and get the same color. Check them out!


Apartment Therapy New York | Hot or Not: BM Aura Paint
11/12/08 08:02 PM

If your looking for a large selection of color samples to help you. Try www.aurasample.com they make 20"x20" color samples in any Benjamin Moore paint Color and ship it to your home.

I enjoyed not having to paint my wall 6 times and then have to cover it up.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Wall Paint Color To Boost My Spirit?
11/11/08 07:18 PM