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Registries and showers can always run the risk of being tacky if not done right. But usually people genuinely want to get gifts for their loved ones to celebrate a life change or accomplishment, and want to make sure it's exactly what that loved one wants.

I live in a city where a lot of people get married much later in life, but a lot of my friends have bought their first homes in their singlehood. We've started to throw housewarming parties and encouraged them to have registries so that their success in homebuying could be celebrated as well. They have all gone to countless weddings, engagement parties and baby showers and spent a lot of money in the way of travel and gifts for such events. If a person chooses (or doesn't choose) to remain a single, does that mean they don't get to benefit from having their friends celebrate something in his/her life that is just as life changing or accomplishing? Frankly I was relieved when we started doing these, because our society has a history of celebrating making your way out of singledom....but customs should also be created to celebrate those accomplishments we've also done on our own.

Tacky or Tasteful? Registering For a Housewarming | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/12/10 04:05 PM

This space is beautiful. That said, it's probably tough to make a former warehouse, 2,000 SF space with high ceilings and light access from all around not-beautiful. Not to even mention its amazing location. Am definitely with madsarah on this one - how sustainable and eco friendly is it if you're ripping out everything? I actually really like it the way it is, with all the old details and charm. And I too, am probably feeling a bit envious considering this apt prob cost something like, $2.6mil; and I'm thinking of what a wise commentor from a while ago said, which is that on apt. therapy we get to see how people use their design sense and creativity to maximize what they can out of a small space, and how you don't have to be completely priveledged and throw tons of money at a project to make your home truly standout.

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11/11/08 05:12 AM