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We have gravel around our patio (as pathways) and as a driveway. We installed it a few years ago and I hate it. It's always escaping the area where it's supposed to be and finding its way into plant beds and other places. I have to sweep it out of the sidewalk and street. Out front it damages shoes and in the back it means people can't enjoy the garden barefoot. It also occasionally tracks into the house and scratches our floors.

Perfect Patios: Hardscaping With Gravel
6/19/14 07:08 PM

In CA, if you can afford it, it doesn't pay to wait until you know exactly what neighborhood you like best before you buy. We have a really insane system for assessing property tax and, in most cases, the longer you have owned your home, the less you pay. I wish I'd known about this when I moved from apartment to apartment during my first 10 years here. If we'd bought 10 years earlier, not only would the actual price of the home have been lower, but the taxes would be about $800 per month less.

Renting vs. Owning in the Digital Age
5/16/14 02:14 PM

Lovely place.
Does anyone know where the bookshelves come from?

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan and Solutions from Laura's Living Better With Less
4/15/14 01:46 AM

When we got our kitchen, IKEA did not recommend their plastic legs for solid surface counters. They do also sell metal legs though. That's what we have hidden behind the toe kicks.

Dan's Kitchen: Drywall, Part 3 Renovation Diary
2/12/14 05:59 PM

We had one of these in my college town back in the early 90s.

Wasbar: A Cool, Functional Update on the Laundromat Messy Nessy Chic
2/11/14 11:47 PM

If you decide on marmoleum or anything else solid color with color choices, may I recommend getting a color that is close to the color of the wood in the adjacent rooms? We once put tiny yellow tiles in a bathroom and noticed that since the color was so close to the wood in the hallway, it didn't break the space up so much.

What Material Should I Install for My Kitchen Floor? Good Questions
2/11/14 11:43 PM

I'd add some veggies to the bagel assortment: Red onions, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers. yum. BayCook's idea (all bought fresh) sounds much better than old food.

Can I Prepare My Entire Birthday Brunch Menu Ahead of Time? Good Questions
1/18/14 05:56 PM

I hate having my bathroom near the living room. Also, I think the bathroom is too small.

I like the first plan more because the bath and bedroom are together. Is that hallway near the bathroom an emergency exit? If so, can you just make the hall part of the bathroom and include the hallway space as part of a more generously sized bath?

If you go with the second option, I would recomment not putting the kitchen peninsula in. Each tenant will be able to decide if they prefer a breakfast bar there (more counter space), or a narrow table (so they can really sit while eating). That's a really personal thing because it's a decision that will depend on cooking and entertaining habits.

We have a small rental apartment attached to our house. Making it nice before we rented it helped make it appealing to a person who likes to live in a nice place. This is often the same sort of person who takes good care of the place and makes a good neighbor. I'm glad we didn't go with standard apartment grade materials.

Where Would You Put the Bedroom? Good Questions
1/17/14 03:53 PM

According to at least one post on Gardenweb, vinegar is corrosive to the hoses and can damage your machine:

How To Clean a Washing Machine Apartment Therapy Tutorials
12/5/13 07:26 PM

What about waiting for the obituary to post and then linking to it? That way you can be a part of making sure everyone who ought to know gets the news before the memorial without jumping the gun.

Social Media Etiquette for the Tough Stuff?
10/23/13 10:05 PM

I would love a link for those interesting ceiling mounted uplights.

One Minute Tip: Five Style Tricks to Open Up Your Small Space Apartment Therapy Videos
10/14/13 01:38 PM

I love the ledge. I've seen a kitchen where an entire wall had a ledge (by choice) and the ledge was made of butcher block and had all kinds of built-in features. It had little cuts in it so it served as a knife block. I forget what else it had. I believe the book was The Motion-Minded Kitchen.

Christine and Pierre's Kitchen:
Hitting the Wall Renovation Diary

9/25/13 05:26 PM

I haven't lived in more than 800 square feet in over 20 years. I give things away that I don't need pretty regularly and occasionally find myself replacing them with similar items later when my needs change. It's not ideal but if I tried to keep it all, I wouldn't be able to find anything and I'd probably end up buying even more things again. One question I ask myself is not "will I use it within X number of months or years?". Instead I ask "if I ever need this again, will I be able to find it?"

Emotional and Practical Tips for Letting Go When Downsizing? Good Questions
9/4/13 10:35 PM

In our neighborhood, this would not be a problem. Kids are going out and exploring their backyards when many others are at work and the remaining houses have plenty of noisy kids of their own so a stick hitting a pot wouldn't be noticed.

Also, in the backyard shown, there looks to be plenty of room between one house and the nearest neighbor so I doubt anyone would know when the banging wall is in use.

Meryl's Banging Backyard My Great Outdoors
8/27/13 05:30 PM

I'm usually all for fix it but I think you could try to fix this and get it wrong again, it's too long of a horizontal space, any amount of error will show. I'd just use one shelf, get rid of the left part.

How To Hide Uneven Picture Ledge? Good Questions
7/1/13 10:36 PM

I'm under 60 and agree about the smaller TV. This one is very close to the couch and doesn't need to be so big.

Best Furniture for New TV Arrangement? Good Questions
6/15/13 12:44 AM

Fantastic. We also replaced beds and bedding so everything would match in a shared room and what a huge difference it makes.

Something For Everyone in Parker, Monty & Elliot's Room My Room
5/21/13 01:48 PM

That hutch really is perfect.

I'm not sure but I think the little window that used to be above the door would work better if it could be moved with the door.

Andi's Kitchen: Cabinet Shopping Renovation Diary
3/13/13 01:41 PM

I also like the before but my kids have a room like that and it's not as nice to live in that kind of color day by day.

Before & After: Child's Room Goes from Saturated to Subtle Fargebarn
2/22/13 01:48 AM

I'd love to see more pictures of this. Beautiful to see so much light with the brick.

A Brooklyn Rowhouse, Redone Professional Project
2/18/13 01:45 PM