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Magic Erasers are not available in the EU as they contain cancer causing elements.

But baking powder is available and far less toxic. Lots of paste recipes on-line. When you get your grout lines clean, I suggest covering them with clear acrylic polymer to keep them staying fresh longer. Apply with a fine artist brush.

Rescuing This Rental's Bathroom? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
1/22/10 04:27 PM

Check out the House Rabbit Society.

Not only is Amy Sedaris a member but they can answer your questions and give advice.

I've had three and known many pet bunnies. The aren't as demanding as cats and dogs and can be trained to use a litter box. I think they are a lovely starter pet.

Good luck!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Will a Bunny and My House-Pride Clash? Good Questions
7/23/09 04:11 PM

I was going to wish you all a "Happy Non-Voyage!" but am concerned that I'll offend everyone.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | "Staycation" Makes It Into The Dictionary
7/22/09 05:27 PM

If you are polling the Canadians in aid of potentially adding a Canadian AT site... please, please, please represent both East & West. Because of climate and geography our country is beautifully, varied stylistically.

If I'm reading way too deep into this poll and you are not thinking of adding a Canadian AT site, please, please, please think about it...

Happy Canada Day!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Happy Canada Day: A Roundup of Great Canadian Homes
7/2/09 12:45 AM

Many years ago (much younger and stupider) I spilled a tupperware container of 7 bean salad down three flights of my apartment stairs. The lid wasn't on tightly enough and all the little chick peas went bouncing down the stairs. I was running for the bus and had recently gotten into big trouble for being late. So I'm ashamed to say that I left it until I came home from work. The beans had all dried out so were easy to sweep up but the smell of garlic and olive oil lingered for years. The building manager never knew why...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What’s the worst thing you’ve spilled? Melbourne
2/19/09 04:26 PM

I too have a Janome - which I bought because I'm a fibre artist and ask my machine to sew unspeakable things. I originally learned on my mother's Elna. Both machines were basic and a million times more dependable than my friends machines. Definitely avoid fancy features. I test drove the machine - forwards, reverse, threaded it and the bobbin, made sandwiches of weird materials to shove through and tried to purposefully gum up the works in the store. It made all the difference when making a choice.

I paid about $400 dollars and it has paid for itself a couple of times just through usefulness. (This year I made bags at x-mas for all my gifts.)

Good luck on finding your dream machine.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Best Sewing Machines for Beginners?
2/13/09 04:24 PM

I think the people are photo-shopped...

Apartment Therapy Boston | Wall of Frames: With Added Function
2/5/09 04:14 PM

I love that Chicago is covering Canada but still wish we had a specific AT: Canada thread. We see a lot of Montreal but there is interesting design right across the country...

Plus, I'd like to see scavenger posts where I'm not paying duty, be able to enter contests, and see resources on this side of the 49th.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | AT Email: Midwestern/Canadian Homes in December
1/28/09 06:01 PM

Awesome recipe! I baked mine in a cast iron pot (shaped like a heart) and it turned out beautifully! I also mixed by hand without a kitchen-aid.

My only issue with the recipe is that I don't really need to preheat my oven for 20 - 30 minutes. I'm now going to pre-heat starting during the 2nd rise.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Recipe: No-Time Bread
1/27/09 11:51 PM

Okay, I tried this as a chai tea cookie without a food processor. And I had some real problems getting the mix to turn into a dough. I had to add 3 more tsps of water to get it to bind. I think I also made my cuts too thick - the edges where its thin are the tastiest.

I think next time I'm going to try creaming the sugar and butter together before adding the flour... Has anyone else tried making this without all the machines?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Recipe: Earl Grey Tea Cookies
1/27/09 11:45 PM

How weird is it to see desks free from wiring? No computers, faxes and phones to clutter up a lovely workspace...

Though those desks don't have any paper on them either... Just working at looking beautifully productive.

Apartment Therapy New York | Mid-Century Inspiration: Vintage Steelcase Ads
1/20/09 04:08 PM

I love that print and I know that there are a million awesome ways to mat and frame it and have it look awesome. What is your other art like? Context is always important but as an artist I'd want you to consider the art first! I like the suggestion of an 8ply mat with a vintagey, re-purposed frame perhaps also in white.

You must ALWAYS have some sort of glazing in front of works on paper to preserve the piece... Dust, moisture, bugs (think dust mites), smoke from candles and incense can all permanently damage a print and quickly - not years down the road. These things don't wipe off. Also, UV can have a serious effect on prints within 2 weeks.

As mentioned above, mats serve the primary purpose of keeping the image off the glazing. Mats should always be rag and of archival quality. If you want the look of no mat you should still have a spacer as the econo-space suggested above or a custom framer can suggest other ways of creating a little shadowbox.

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Best Frame to Showcase Hope Print?
1/15/09 07:48 PM

I no longer live in an earthquake zone but still fear objects falling on my head in bed.

So I put pieces of art on the opposite wall to the headboard. I have a four poster bed and when I wake up, I look between the posts and am greeted by beautiful art. Right now I have a lovely vintage landscape painting that has been 'doctored' by a close friend. Its kind of Bob Ross meets steampunk.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Roundup: Bedroom Art Over Head
1/14/09 06:21 PM

I agree that Peter Fallico on HGTV Canada was the most helpful design host ever. He specialized in rentals and small, starter spaces... Bring him back!

I also enjoyed watching British design shows on BBC Canada on my mom's satellite over the holiday. The shows were very euro-styled.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | AT Survey: Best of the Home Makeover Shows?
1/13/09 03:01 AM

I would like to see more eclectic spaces, items, colours. Difference is interesting. Even if I wouldn't live in it - I still like to see it! I love when a space is truly a reflection of the person (inside and out.)

I believe we will be seeing more articles about multi-person residences. As more people are forced to take in borders or live with several generations of relatives under the same roof to make ends meet, this will create new design issues. Also, I predict we will see design that is predicated on being helpful and beautiful. ie Elegant bathroom solutions for boomers with bad knees now living with their kids.

Also, if your home is full of people, how do you create sacred and solitary spaces for yourself? I feel we will be seeing lots of little altar spaces in the near future.

AT shows live/work spaces but I predict we will be seeing more as people start entrepreneurial endeavours as a second job. And I love looking at these myself. I always click through to a live/work house tour.

Handmade has been big for awhile but I feel its only going to get bigger. I also think bartering is also going to be a common way of achieving great design on less. And as an artist I frequently barter but I haven't figured out to get the 'essentials' this way. My supermarket doesn't accept paintings as legal tender.

I also want to see more international flavour. I'm not going to be traveling for awhile but I have gypsy feet and I enjoy seeing how people reside around the world. Asia and Scandinavia are good but I'm also curious about South Africa, Brasil, Russia, etc...

Yes, I want more. But I also want less HOT or NOT lists. I feel it encourages bad global behaviour - when an item is popular but then goes out of style creating waste and consumption of more items. I want to have long term relationships with the objects that surround me and not feel judged.

Oh and let have more unicorns. :)

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Readers Weigh-In: Trends We'd Like To See More Of
12/20/08 10:41 AM

Actually, the colour gender specificity is culturally ingrained. For hundreds of years up until WW1, pink was considered a little boys colour and primrose blue a girl colour. It was originally thought that the fleshy-ness of pink was more robust for little boys.

And you can see a shift in meaning for the colour pink even over the last 30 some odd years. Football teams during the 70's painted opposing locker rooms pink believing it sapped teams of the winning edge. But now pink has been reclaimed as a power colour by the breast cancer movement. Very few people think of pink as 'wimpy' in that context.

I do too much research on colour meaning for school... My brain is full of this kind of stuff.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Pink Blue Project by JeongMee Yoon
12/20/08 10:15 AM

One more reason why AT should have a Canadian outpost!

Awesome loft! Lots of whimsy!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: Patrick's World of Wonder Montreal
12/18/08 01:31 PM

A tip to save some printing cash. Download the images onto your thumb/flash drive, take them to Staples or Office Depot and have them print the images. Their colour printing is much cheaper than most ink jet cartridges and you'll have fun picking out different types of card stock.

While there you can pick up metallic pens and envelopes for cheaper than most craft stores.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Free Dwell Holiday Card Creation
11/19/08 01:24 AM

ACK! Do not put anything adhesive on them if you are hoping to leave them undamaged. Also, while I love little foldback clips for things like greeting cards, these can seriously damage the fibres of artwork.

I would recommend purchasing clear photocorners or mounting strips and create your grid on a piece of acid free matboard. The adhesive of the mounting strip and/or corner attaches to the matboard and then your artwork slides into the clear strip. Safe and reversible. A cheap solution to custom framing.

This is a big piece but works of art on paper should always be protected by glass/plexi. It is important to also remember that a mat or some sort of spacer should be used to create a small gap between the glazing and the artwork. This prevents moisture from settling on your art.

Have you thought about showing say three cards at a time and just changing them out monthly? You could then perhaps afford more archival solutions?

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Displaying Magnetic Fields Artwork?
11/10/08 01:05 PM