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im lost lol its an art nough said

Apartment Therapy New York | The Modernist: Furniture and Naked People
11/14/08 03:56 PM

I love it i agree with the smart ideas comment. they help you make more smart ideas from those ideas.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Mini Home Tech Tour: Hong Kong Condo
11/12/08 08:48 AM

I love the paper tray thingy, but then run into the problem of it being filled with too much paper and i forget that the most important papers should be in there and the rest in another organizer. Then that gets cluttered how do i solve those problems?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Paper Tray: Another Black Hole
11/12/08 08:45 AM

i think its hot! if it isnt liked u simply just dnt move into it or others. we all have our right to chose.

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11/10/08 08:11 AM