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you had me with the first line. I was about 30 before I could look at a hard boiled egg, traumatised by my mother's green sulfurous eggs I used to see as a child.

How To Boil Eggs Perfectly Every Time Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/21/14 08:07 AM

I keep no utensils out on the counter. Stuff gets greasy if not in heavy rotation.

Everything in a drawer. If it won't fit in the drawer, I won't buy it. Luckily I have a wiiide utensil drawer!

Would You Use a Glass Vase to Hold Kitchen Tools? Kitchen Organization
4/16/14 03:59 PM

NOOOO cheese is far too delicate to zap, and thus start warming from within!!!

if the cheeses is genuinely too cold, put it in a plastic bag and run under some warm water for a few moments to take the bite off, but do not microwave it!!!!!!!!

Room Temperature Cheese in a Flash: Use This Trick The Cheesemonger
1/15/14 02:49 PM

Another thumbs up for Aldi. You're there for good value, not for a wide range. That the store was out of a product at a particular time is unfortunate, but shouldn't necessarily be a killer...

I filled a cart today in my nearest Aldi. Cost about 60% of what I'd have paid elsewhere.

What We're Reading: Is Aldi the Best Grocery Store in America? 10 Weekend Reads from The Kitchn
12/6/13 02:12 PM

any egg will separate easily by any means (including the shell-to-shell) as long as it's fresh.

I usually aim for shell-to-shell but if something looks like it might go awry, I'll get my hands dirty if necessary.

The Best Way to Separate an Egg Is With Your Hands Tips from The Kitchn
11/21/13 05:04 PM

put it in the trash

Please Help! What Can I Do With All My Leftover Candy Corn? Good Questions
11/8/13 01:48 PM

Maybe it's because I grew up in Ireland, but I am amazed that whipping cream can be explained in so much detail. Beat and beat until you reach the required consistency - nothing else. Cans of cream were novelties for Christmas, but by default we had half-pint tubs of single cream that were to be whipped.

And if I were to beat my cream for 9 minutes on medium on the kitchenaid I'd be spreading that butter on toast. Three minutes with the kitchenaid, 5 minutes with the hand-cranked whisk give me thick dollops of cream. Time and time again.

Double cream is even more pleasure to work with - that's almost beaten with a fork!

How To Make Whipped Cream Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
11/4/13 03:20 PM

kristen44 - I think it would be a fascinating mix of flavours with fruit granola - so long as it's not extra sweetened. The proper seasoning would curb the raisins well - perhaps a crusted curried chicken breast on a salad?

Recipes for Using Up Slightly Stale Granola? Good Questions
9/9/13 02:45 PM

a great question that I never knew I needed answering! Thanks!

What the Heck Is a Sesame?
8/13/13 03:10 PM

cheesemaking kit for a weekend?

or a microplane :-)

What's the Best Way to Spend $25 at Williams-Sonoma? Good Questions
8/12/13 04:24 PM

I don't see the benefit. a colander is for draining, something a regular colander does perfectly. My sink is pretty robust and doesn't need protection from a few potato peelings.

The little in-drain filter I have stops junk from getting washed down (for those who don't have a disposal system, and for whom this is a non-issue)

The shot of prepping roast beef had a sheet of paper underneath - benefit?
Draining delicate foods - like potatoes? potatoes - delicate? I can just see the filmed potatoes rolling all over the floor.

next unitasker, please...

Sinkstation: A Flat Colander For Food Prep
8/1/13 04:38 PM

since when do we have to "wash" knives anyway? immediately after using them, run them under warm water. Rub with a dish cloth, and then dry with a towel. all of ten seconds. max. and the knife is free for next use (I have only a few, great, Globals rather than a set of a bazillion specialist knives)

soiled in the league of burnt-on stains? maybe then dishwasher, though I'm at a loss how you would get a knife dirty enough to warrant that.

3 Ways You May Be Ruining Your Knives
5/13/13 03:58 PM

I will bear this tip in mind should I ever find myself owning a massive freezer!

Party Tip: Scoop Ice Cream Ahead of Time
4/26/13 05:04 PM

I have a Zopf in the oven for breakfast tomorrow...
Something along these lines

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of April 27-28, 2013
4/26/13 04:57 PM

Ingredient 0: Ice

3 Essential Ingredients For Making World-Class Party Cocktails
4/13/13 05:45 PM

Any pavlova with a proper gooey consistency, topped with whatever's in season. Berries in summer, poached quinces with nuts in winter, or sliced pears that have poached in red wine. Candy and sprinkles - it's all up to you.
Do what you can - it looks fantastic and the chewy goodness of cream/sugar/fruit harmony is unbeatable!

What Is Your Most Show-Stopping, Crowd-Pleasing, Knock-Out Dessert?
3/26/13 05:13 PM

I live in Europe. I know not what you speak of with this sweetened variety. I am thankful for this! All my recipies work too! Just know what you're dealing with.

Sweetened & Unsweetened Coconut: Both Deserve a Place in the Cupboard Ingredient Spotlight
3/26/13 05:10 PM

I ate a wonderful mushroom mascarpone bruscetta at the weekend. Warm, gooey and flavourful.

Toasts! 5 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Dinner Appetizer
3/21/13 01:46 PM

When it comes to doneness of meat, there is a little flexibility, as it's so subjective you can make a bit of a joke out of it. otherwise, you need to segue your advice in carefully, as suggested, as a tip or as you have only come across this tip recently and need to share.

Should I Tell My Host She's Making a Cooking Mistake? Good Questions
1/9/13 01:59 PM

eggwhites. meringue, pavlova, chocolate mousse.

I'll second the mash, but remember use only the paddle. Someone used mine and chose the whisk. I retrieved it somewhat mangled.

Use the KitchenAid Mixer Reader Resolutions 2013
1/9/13 01:56 PM