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I had a very similar chair, same shape and color even. I always had plans on reupholstering it, and then we moved and my husband left it behind accidentally in his studio! I was so bummed. So if I were you I'd get it reupholstered, it's a really cool, unique shape. You're lucky, I wish I still had mine!

Should I Keep It: Midcentury Gem or Goodwill Donation? Good Questions
7/30/14 11:52 AM



Emily & Jonnie's Style Collage Apartment House Call
6/26/14 10:52 AM

I've driven back and forth from Massachusetts to California in the past 7 years more times than I can count. All of these are good tips. Almost all of these times were also with my two dogs. The last time I did it I was all by my lonesome. Drove through lots of ice storms and snow squalls. My tip, don't try to fight the weather if it turns poor, and take your time. My longest day drive was 16 hours. And if you have pets, all motel 6's are pet friendly and most of them are renovated now and they're everywhere, also, keep paper towels and wet ones in your car at all times. Buy a case of bottled waters because you won't find filtered water everywhere and who knows what the quality of the water will be in whichever town you end up in for the night. Make sure your pillows and a blanket are accessible in case the motel ones are a little iffy, too. Gas up every time you stop! Even if your tank is half full still. I once had to stare at my low fuel light and the needle beyond empty for an hour, I was freaking out, all because I spaced out and didn't get gas at my last stop, thinking I would be fine. Yeah, don't do that.

Surviving a Road Trip: 5 Tips to Get You to Your Destination With Your Sanity
4/9/14 05:21 PM

I didn't even realize it was a "trend" or "back in style" to begin with. I thought having indoor plants was something people either did or didn't do, always, depending on how well you're able to take care of them, and if you like the aesthetic or not.

Everything Old is New Again:
Jungle Bathroom

10/16/13 11:58 AM

I'm currently doing the same exact thing, and i have multiple items for sale on Craigslist at the same time. I've already sold my sofa, 2 chairs and have interested buyers for the rest of it. I also used Craigslist three ago when I did the same exact move then. I sold everything I needed to, furniture wise. For little things, try an indoor "yard sale."

Can We Sell the Entire Contents of Our Apartment in 60 Days? Good Questions
10/16/13 10:05 AM

I had already bought hairpin legs from for our table, but found these industrial work bench table legs and thought they'd make a cool base for an industrial look, and they're cheap, too!

Making Made Easy: Best Sources for Metal Table Bases & Legs
8/16/13 01:11 PM

eliz- we have that world market trunk and it's pretty flimsy. My little dog jumped on top of it and broke part of the frame (just plastic), so don't worry about it too much.

Perfect for the Foot of the Bed:
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2/6/13 03:57 PM

Salmon skin hand rolls are the BEST. Love me some salmon skin.

Great Idea: Turn Salmon Skin Into \"Bacon\" Video
2/5/13 05:00 PM

is that Elena and Elijah?!

Eve's "Pop of Psychedelia" Living Room Room for Color Contest
10/1/12 04:50 PM

My husband and I love the beaten up, thread barren pre-1900 oriental rugs. We just scored one on ebay for 200 bucks that's about 8x11. ebay is the way to go!

Design Classics: Oriental Rugs
9/15/12 04:50 PM

Yup, that's the Roost Halo chandelier. You can find it on Anthropologie's website. It used to be available through Velocity Art and Design, but sadly, they are no longer :(

Source for Industrial, Edison-Style Chandelier? Good Questions
9/14/12 06:01 PM

OMG, I didn't know this was a real "word". I thought my brother-in-law made it up. He's the drummer for my husband's band, and while they're on tour he warns them when he's getting "hangry" so they better find food soon. So weird.

A Word to Fear: Hangry! Word of Mouth
9/13/12 11:19 AM

I moved from Massachusetts to Southern California and had the same problem. While it was 90 degrees outside, I put the ac on about 70ish inside, made soups, wore sweaters, and drank apple cinnamon and pumpkin teas. I made sure my blinds were closed enough so I couldn't see the palm trees. I'd light a fire and snuggle on the couch with my dog, or if I really wanted it to feel like fall I'd read "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury.

How To "Fake" the Fall Season in Florida? Good Questions
8/6/12 11:41 AM

Constantly. And I also learned it from my mother. At a very young age I was decorating and re-decoring my rooms (I grew up in a house with a ton of rooms, I had 5 different bedrooms growing up), and then my friends bedrooms. And I'm still doing it, much to my husband's dismay; he does not share this affliction.

Are You A Compulsive Re-Decorator?
4/4/12 06:14 PM

"Is there anything sexier than a girl who knows her way around a guitar? Or a guy who can write a song? I mean, really write a song?"

No, there's not. That's why I had a huge crush on my husband, he played in one of my favorite bands, and I was just a fan. Now, 6 years later, we're married! Though he is away on tour for weeks at a time, it's all worth it.
He's playing Coachella this year, so if you're going please come by and check out his set!

Sex, Sleep and Rock & Roll: 17 Musicians' Bedrooms
3/30/12 04:27 PM

I have the "Bogart" flat weave wool rug in grey in the same size. It's a very nice rug, but keep a look out for it on, I got ours for half that price. I didn't even know it was sold elsewhere 'till about a year later, and was totally shocked to see the price.

Which Rug Would You Choose for This Space?
12/10/11 03:39 AM

Well, in reference to the comment above, I am an atheist, and do not celebrate "CHRISTmas" as you say, but we do celebrate the winter holiday. We've been over this before on AT, so I'll just leave it at that.
I actually got some of these foam trees this year and wrapped them in yarn and little adornments as well. They're very cute.

9 Quick & Easy Mini Holiday Tree Tutorials
12/7/11 08:56 PM

I grew up in homes on well water, and without power there was no water. You need electricity to pump the well. My parents just lost power for four days due to "snowtober" as well, in Massachusetts. Just like the commenter above, you get thrown back into the stone age.

Survey: Would You Rather Lose Power or Water?
11/4/11 12:58 AM

Our house has a chartreuse accent wall defining the dining area, the rest of the place is snow white, with grey accents (curtains, lamps, our sofa). So the first color pallet. It's also very easy to interject other colors from time to time, like blues and oranges. I was originally inspired by the design sponge sneak peak when it was first posted.

Working with Chartreuse: Color Pairings
10/18/11 08:03 PM

I bought these in black from overstock about two years ago and I still love them. And $40 dollars per stool I'd say is pretty darn cheap.

Popping Up All Over: Metal Stools in the Kitchen
10/13/11 06:00 PM