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My boyfriend is kind enough to wear an eye mask when I feel like reading later than he feels like being awake. I read an article somewhere about reading by candlelight, which I would try except that I fear falling asleep with a candle still burning and creating a fire hazard!

How Do You Read in Bed Without Disturbing Your Partner? Reader Survey
3/26/12 12:27 PM

Melt With You by Modern English is the eighties love song I love the most. The Loved Ones by Elvis Costello is my favorite ironic love song.

Summer Entertaining: Love Songs of the 80's Playlist | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/8/10 04:57 PM

Laughing Tiger -- I agree with you about the shiny green paint, it is not ideal as it's too dark and too glossy for my taste, particularly given that it's such a dark room with north-facing windows. I do hope to re-paint that room someday -- we're just waiting to get around to needing to do other work in that room. I'd love to add moulding at the ceiling and some built-in bookcases -- that would be my dream renovation in there!

Apartment Therapy DC | Sara Pete's Eclectic Prop House House Tour
9/18/09 06:14 PM

The washroom mosaic! So glad to oblige with information. Rachael took an EXCELLENT photo, it looks nice in real life but nothing as nice as it looks in the picture.

I worked on the initial design idea with an artist/muralist here in DC -- Jarrett Ferrier. I had been obsessing over old advertisements for bathing and bathroom products as I was working with our architect on the elaborate master-bathroom renovation, and so this was designed to look like it could have been a 1910s or 1920s magazine ad for a soap called "Kleen" -- we just made up the name. Based on my imagined Kleen soap, the elements I wanted in the picture -- soap bar, hand, washcloth, bubbles -- and some examples of ads from the period, Jarrett came up with the design and did all the mosaic work in glass tiles.

The installation was done separately by a wonderful tile guy, Davis Holland Leichsenring of Holland Tile, and his crew.

Our architect was Alan Batson, such a talented man and he was involved with decisions on many of the fits and finishes.

Our master carpenter was Rob Farrie, and he did wonderful work that really brought the whole renovation to life. Along with the great team at Ideal Tile, our general contractors.

Apartment Therapy DC | Sara Pete's Eclectic Prop House House Tour
9/18/09 02:48 PM

bumblebeechicago -- thank you so much for the kind words! And thanks to Rachael for coming and taking pix of our house.

For those who want to know, the paint color on the EXTERIOR of the house is Benjamin Moore "Sunburst".

Apartment Therapy DC | Sara Pete's Eclectic Prop House House Tour
9/18/09 02:35 PM

Yeah, I vote with the people who don't bring a lot with them on vacation. If I do not have any clothes with me that need to be hung up, most often I'll leave the clothes in my suitcase. I usually bring along a laundry bag, so that I can keep dirty clothes separate during my stay (and, if it's a longer stay, so I can take them to the laundromat easily).

I do like to put my books and magazines on the bedside table just like at home! And I do carry too many books on vacation, I think.

My main rituals are checking that the in-room alarm clock is off and that the wi-fi is working and that I understand how I'll get online, if it's offered.

Pretty much all my travel is vacation-related; if I had to travel for work I'd probably get more into setting up my room to be comfortable and relaxing.

Apartment Therapy DC | Setting Up Home: In a Hotel Room
8/30/09 12:35 PM

This seems cool -- I'm part of a nice Sewing Lounge in DC, DC Threads, but it meets only once a month and because it's mostly focused on sewing-machine sewing participation is basically limited to the number of machines on hand. I've been hoping to find something that included hand crafts other than knitting, which I don't do, and maybe this is it! Perfect for a library or a weekday in a bar with a back room.

Apartment Therapy New York | How to Host Your Own Crafternoon
6/23/09 10:48 AM

The Obama Factor is definitely making DC a reality-TV magnet! Real Housewives, Real World, and CW's Blonde Charity Mafia are all making shows here.

I'm kinda curious to see what sort of jobs they give these kids -- the Real Worlders have jobs, right? Hopefully the show will partner with some great charity org like PETA or PIRG or Greenpeace and get these kids walking the halls of Congress and doing other outreach and advocacy work, that would make their jobs like those of most other newbies in group houses in DC.

I think they'll be hanging in U Street, Georgetown and Columbia Heights. Adams Morgan is really "over" and there aren't any brightshiny clubs or restaurants that are big enough for a film crew. (RIP Felix.) Commonwealth in ColHts, Mie N Yu in Georgetown, and BBAP (Busboys and Poets) at 14th and V Streets -- that's where I'd be hanging if I wanted to see the Real Worlders! (Which I don't). They may make it over to one of the big nightclubs off New York Ave ... I feel out of it but I haven't kept up with what's over there.

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? MTV's "The Real World" DC House
6/10/09 12:21 PM

I am COMPLETELY with the "don't paint" crowd and think all the landscaping, trim-painting pieces of advice are 100% correct. The windows themselves look like they may be metal, so you might not be able to paint them (but, you'll never have to re-paint them, which is a bonus!).

One thing I'd add: Rip off the shutters -- they're tacky. I hate those dumb "decorative" shutters that could never cover the window that they flank. Thanks for the chance to vent about that!

The super-wide trim around the door seems poorly thought out -- I might also re-consider that, either removing it completely or re-configuring it to something more graceful.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Painting or Staining Exterior Brick?
4/30/09 01:54 PM

First, I would totally second the recommendation. The cross-country moving business is FULL of scammers. On my cross-country move in 2005 the less-than-reputable movers held our things for nearly a month, it was awful.

United Van Lines is very reputable and also very expensive, but given the alternatives it was worth it to me. We had a great move with them in 2007.

I always get the movers to pack, even the small stuff. My one caveat is that long-haul movers will usually put your stuff on an 18-wheeler where it will share the move with many other peoples' stuff. So, you need to make sure that there's a place to park that 18 wheeler, and that everything is super-securely packed so that your things won't migrate to another person's storage area (since they're usually separated by webbing, or even just a tape line, in the truck's body).

I was lucky in my 2007 move that I was moving "back home" so my sister was able to meet the movers and get everything taken care of for the move-in, without needing to be there myself. Therefore, my partner and I were able to drive our little Honda hatchback for the journey from Portland, Oregon to Washington, DC, over the course of about 3 weeks. It was an amazing trip that included several days in southern Utah and in the Smoky Mountains, stops to visit a friend in Memphis and family in Virginia, and Friday Night football games in small towns in Utah and Oklahoma. I loved it all!

The whole thing was great, if you ever have the opportunity to travel or move this way, I strongly, strongly recommend it.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Save Money (and Sanity) During a Move
4/27/09 03:55 PM

Advice I've read suggests that it's a bad idea to remove your showerhead to clean it, because in the process of unscrewing it, sometimes forcefully, you may loosen the connections of the pipes behind the walls, and potentially cause a leak.

So, I think NancyA's suggestion is the best one.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Clean Remove Deposits from the Showerhead
4/22/09 01:16 PM

I think Violetsrose is right. One problem I've had with the silicone blanket thing is that you usually store it folded, and those folds become impossible to smooth out, and then you've got an inferior ironing surface.

I use a regular ironing board, and since I also sew I have a tailor's ham and a sleeve board -- more to store, but it makes ironing almost sexy when you have so many gadgets!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Board Alternative: Ironing Blanket
4/21/09 02:17 PM

Ah, dang, the picture link:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: How High Should I Hang My Curtains? Los Angeles
4/13/09 01:50 PM

I couldn't find a better picture than this one in my brief search, but I think that hanging a fairly stiff curtain at a height about six inches above the door, from a wire, would be a good choice (and do get rid of the vertical blinds!).

The muslin idea is good for stiffness, but basically any fabric that is medium-stiff would work. Either grommets in the curtain fabric, or clips, would work. I've also sewn 3/4" brass rings that I got in the plumbing store, to my curtains, and that's a good and cheap look, I think.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: How High Should I Hang My Curtains? Los Angeles
4/13/09 01:50 PM

Lovely apartment. This apparently owes an almost incomparable debt, given the photos shown, to Corbusier's Cite Radieuse in Marseille, which I love, that goes unacknowledged in this article.

If you like these photos and are either in France or plan to visit France, I highly recommend visiting Hotel le Corbusier and taking advantage of one of the apartment tours.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Kimberly's Homespun Landmark New York
4/8/09 01:42 PM

As for the self-cleaning feature, a recent story in the Washington Post Home (or maybe Food?) section suggests using it sparingly, because the extreme incinerating heat of the self-cleaning cycle shortens the life of the oven (a problem that owners, rather than renters, probably take more to heart).

Also, in the summertime, heating up the house with the self-cleaning cycle seems like it would be a real waste! So I encourage you to keep hunting for a good solution that doesn't involve the self-cleaning cycle.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | More Adventures in Oven Cleaning
4/6/09 10:48 AM

I just got back from a trip down to the Tidal Basin to appreciate the blossoms. So far the weather this Cherry Blossom Festival has been sub-optimal, and the wind today is crazy! But the blossoms are holding, it's sort of wonderful to see that even in a high wind those apparently fragile flowers are staying put.

Thanks for the photos of the cherry blossom decor, they always make me happy! It's a great year for pink hats, gloves, and scarves too, and there were some lovely examples on people admiring the cherry blossoms today.

Apartment Therapy DC | Inspiration: Cherry Blossom Home Decor Revisited
3/30/09 03:05 PM

oooh, I saw this earlier today on another design website, thanks for sharing it! I haven't really done cardboard construction before but would love to give it a whirl. Where would you go to buy large sheets of corrugated cardboard at these dimensions? I would prefer to buy locally then get it shipped if possible.


Apartment Therapy Boston | Something From Nothing: A Cardboard Office!
3/12/09 03:36 PM

ooooh, total interiors-lust on my part. Thanks for sharing!

Apartment Therapy DC | Glamorous Meridian Hill Co-op French Decor in DC The Washington Post, 3.12.09
3/12/09 02:45 PM

I like both of them and think the shapes complement each other well. You could do really fashion-forward upholstery for them that matches, or you could do a plainer linen-type upholstery and use pillows and/or blankets to jazz it up.

I think the print pattern blog does a good job of showcasing modernist-friendly fabrics -

Anthropologie also has some suggesting prints on their website, under their "for home" section. For example, Astrid Chair

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Trash or Treasure?
3/11/09 03:10 PM