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Long term: garage. Short term: pergola with vines. If you use bolts to put the pergola together, you could in time move it to the backyard. Some back door steps that have substance, say brick or rock would be amazing! Its a lovely home, enjoy!

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7/31/14 11:04 AM

Can't watch videos: :/

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7/27/14 01:09 PM

My Father use to say "thank folks that paint beautiful wood, it preserves it for those that strip, sand & oil. Alway feed your wood"
Thanks for sharing, job well done!

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7/27/14 10:20 AM

from lighting, to flooring and everything in between, you did a great job updating and photo shooting the space! Nice work

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7/18/14 04:07 PM

labor of love! looks great

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7/7/14 10:47 AM