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I love this! I heart quiche, and books, and sparkling cocktails, and salad and coffee and cake with floral flavors. I am totally making this even if it's just for my family in our pj's!!!!

A Book Club Brunch Party Gatherings from The Kitchn
4/10/13 02:35 PM

I had to vote for this one, it really stands out! I love everything about it. Suzanne would you share the paint color and a source for the Roman shades? Beautiful.

Suzanne's Warm & Cozy Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/19/13 10:08 PM

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. it's tours like this that make me queasy with envy, in a good way. beautiful!

Ruthie & Will's Eclectic Nashville Charmer House Tour
1/4/13 09:02 PM

White wash the wood--walls and ceiling. The grain can still show through. Leave the beams. I guess I just don't see the point of keeping something you don't like.

Help My Mom Decide: The Great Wood Paneling Debate
8/14/12 12:47 PM

I just had to comment on the Sword in the Stone inspiration! One of the very best children's movies (Disney, even) and really holds up today. It's the King Arthur story and my kids love it! They really have captured the whimsical flavor of talking owls, magical teapots, antique textiles, and childlike wonder at nature that exists in this film. Absolutely love it.

Lauren & Paul's Enchanted Urban Farmhouse House Tour
8/1/12 09:04 PM

We read this book all the time! My kids love the B bears!

8 Truths About Home Organization I Learned from the Berenstain Bears
8/1/12 12:45 PM

This is so cool! I got a 4, which was better than I had anticipated. Though I guess I am sensitive to color and undertones. It showed my trouble spots as the blue/green area, though I had the hardest trouble with the orange. Neat!

Take the Test: How Well Do You See Color?
6/22/12 03:27 PM

In case anyone was curious about another review of the IKEA counters: We have had ours (the oak, and we also have the beech in one area) for about 5 years. It has worn unbelievably well. It really doesn't stain, but we treated ours with something called Salad Bowl Finish. It is technically a polyurethane product but is "food safe when cured." I don't cut on the counter, though. I mainly did it to protect the sink area. It took a lot of coats (wipes on easily), maybe 7 originally, and I add another coat once or twice a year just to freshen it. The water area needs it or the wood will blacken over time from moisture left sitting on it. Many folks use Waterlox and I might have too but it's pretty stinky/fume-y so I chose something milder (small house/small kids/no garage to treat the counters in advance). Honestly you can't go wrong with these counters but you do have to do something around water areas IMO. We are pretty hard on the counters (red wine, tomatoes, etc) and it doesn't stain at all--even a hot pan won't (but again I have treated mine). IKEAFANS has lots of advice!

Charley & Jessica's "Patina Clean" House Tour
6/5/12 12:33 PM

These are gorgeous! Dang, the Funfetti. I missed this trend as a child. Never heard of it, but I am a sucker for white cake with pretty stuff on it. My little guy turns 6 this month and I think we will use the Funfetti idea. For chocolate birthday cake, you can't beat Ina Garten's Ned Beatty's Chocolate Cake. The intro to the recipe in her cookbook says that Ned Beatty was a milkman and his wife made the cake for his customers. It's amazing.

@MBM77, in a recent Everyday Food from Martha Stewart there is a "classic" yellow cake recipe that also has an option for 1/2 chocolate:

Funfetti & Beyond! 15 Birthday Cake & Cupcake Recipes Recipe Roundup
4/30/12 08:09 PM

This is remarkable! I know how hard it is to renovate/decorate on a budget, with little ones, and jobs, and life in general getting in the way. This is so pretty and artful. It's funny, "shabby chic" is a trend or a look or what have you, but sometimes it's also just the result of having (or choosing) to use vintage or repurposed items that are indeed somewhat shabby! I especially love the beige bathroom, I need to find a light fixture like that and I LOVE the mirror. Beautful. Also adore the patio area. Lovely job.

Leah & Rich's Evolving Patina
House Tour

3/9/12 12:23 PM

It's easy to see from all the comments that you have struck a chord here, and just as easy to see why. Some decor is truly classic and timeless; some looks transcend fashion; you really can imbue your home with style without picking up a catalog. Thank you for reminding us of that. Apartment Therapy at its most elemental!

My Parents' Beloved Lake House
House Tour

10/16/11 09:42 PM

I've been obsessing over this kitchen since it was on AT a while back. The rest of the house is stunning! I have the same living room configuration and this gives me hope! I totally relate to the repainting, I am on color #4 in some rooms (after 5 years) and lo and behold I am gravitating toward...gray-greens and yellows! I think the tray is from West Elm, I have one in white. So yummy.

Kirsten & Kyle's Restored Bungalow
Green Tour

9/13/11 08:58 PM

This room is so beautiful. In all the important ways. God bless you and your family!

Levi's Farm Fresh Room
Nursery Tour

9/13/11 08:16 PM

I know that produce varies at different TJs. Ours used to be awful, then it got revamped and is now great. I very rarely go to a regular grocery store now, and my family of four including two preschool age kids can find all we need there. Some things are so much cheaper: cereal, milk, frozen fruit, bread, hummus, avocados, cheese, any kind of greens, meats. I love their red pepper soup, tamales, chocolate yogurt, snap pea crisps, brown rice, tomato sauce, brownie mix, tea, nuts, sausage, and all their fresh fruit as well....I could go on. True there is no baby food but I just bought that at Target since I was getting diapers there anyway! Second the pp about lotions/soaps, unbeatable value, and I also know people who swear by their sunscreen. It may be made by someone else--but you get the feeling they have already researched the best value for the money so you don't have to. And the people who work there seem so happy. It makes it a pleasant experience to shop, rather than a chore.

Inside the Secret World Of Trader Joe's

8/28/11 09:59 PM

Gosh, this is so awesome! I love the cabinets, the banquet, the table, the ceiling, and the pops of orange. Brilliant transformation. Having renovated a kitchen, doing the work ourselves, I can tell how much effort and thought went into this. Very much deserving of the prize!

Jana & Peter's Labor of Love Remodeled Kitchen
7/28/11 09:48 PM

This is so beautiful. I love the charm, the colors, the freshness. I'd love to know the wall paint colors too!

Stefanie & Mike's Heavenly Hollywoodland Home
House Tour

6/15/11 09:54 PM

This is brilliant!!! I lived in Somerville for years and I miss it so. Wasabi trim, come on! I never would have thought of that. Love your child's room, it's cute yet funky and warm. Just lovely.

Danielle & Derek's Somerville Sanctuary
House Tour

6/15/11 09:17 PM

Dang. This is amazing. As a mom to an almost-5-year-old, this is probably the pinacle of room design. Though we are a Marvel family! : ) I just finished revamping my son's room from "nursery" to big boy room and we have a lot of super hero and vintage stuff....I agree that there is the impulse to stick every possible super-thing in. This is a reminder, though, that if you DIY, nothing is too much. Brilliant.

Rex's Superhero Room
Kid's Room Tour

4/24/11 08:46 PM

I adore the baby bird mobile (Land of Nod sells it). I think it is pretty even not as a baby-type mobile but just as decoration. It strikes me as kind of feminine, though. They also have a safari animals one.

Unique Non-Baby Baby Gift
Good Questions

4/7/11 03:55 PM

This is both cool and cute! Not so easy to achieve these days, especially on a budget. Refreshing is exactly the word. I especially love the mailboxes holding the dipes. Neat idea!

Holden's Fresh & Frugal Hideout
Nursery Tour

4/7/11 12:41 PM